Private Blood Tests

Blood tests with fast and accurate results

Blood Tests

MUMS offers same day access to give you peace of mind and help you resolve health problems quickly. This often requires diagnostic tests like blood and urine analysis.

Unfortunately, NHS waiting times for these procedures can be long and just add to your worry and anxiety.
We offer a range of specific pathology tests at our Solihull clinic, that can take place quickly with results and reports returned promptly, giving you the reassurance that your health is priority.
There is no need to get a referral from your NHS GP.

We offer blood tests for cancer, hormones, blood groupthyroidliverkidneydiabetes – see below:

Screening bloods and urine

Liver Function Test


Kidney Function Test


Full Blood Count


Cholesterol levels


Full Cholesterol Profile (inc HDL & LDL & non HDL)


HDL Cholesterol


Glucose Tolerance Test


Diabetes HBA1c


Urine culture


Thyroid Function Test




Blood Group


Beta HCG Quantitative - Advanced Pregnancy Test




AMH Anti Mullerian Hormone


Luteinising Hormone (LH)


Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)






Sickle Cell                  




Immunology & Virology  testing

Group B Strep testing


TB Quantiferon TB Gold Test




Hep B immunity


Hep B Surface Antigen


Hep B Core Antibodies


Hep A profile


Hep A immunity (lcG/lgM)


Hep C antibodies


Hep C early detection



Glandular Fever


HPV Test Type 16, 18 & others


Sexual Health

See options for sexual health tests


Tumour Markers

See options for cancer test screening


Vitamin & Minerals

Vit B 12


Vitamin D 


We have many other clusters/profiles to include fertility, ovarian cancer, lung health, menopause and STI/STDs.

See our Allergy testing for specific allergy tests.

See our Cardiac tests for specific cardiology tests such as cholesterol.

We have the following clusters:

Baseline Screen – includes:

FBC/ESR/Biochemistry Profile/HDL/LDL/FT4/TSH/HbA1c  £130

Peace of Mind Female aged over 45 years – includes:

FBC/ESR/Biochemistry Profile/HDL/LDL/FT4/TSH/CA 125/HbA1c £160

Peace of Mind Male aged over 45 years – includes:

FBC/ESR/Biochemistry Profile/HDL/LDL/FT4/TSH/PSA/HbA1c  £160

Peace of Mind Healthy Heart – includes:

FBC/ESR/Biochemistry Profile/HDL/LDL/FT4/TSH/HsCRP/Lp-PLA2 ( PLAC Test) HbA1c £200.00

Peace of Mind Alcohol Risk:

FBC/ESR/Biochemistry Profile/HDL/LDL/FT4/TSH/PeTH includes

Fast-tracked Blood Test results

We work closely with our partner laboratories to provide the widest range of blood tests possible for our patients with speedy results. For your peace of mind, we’ll get your results back to you as soon as possible – by phone and email.
Our phlebotomists, health care assistants, GPs and Consultants – all perform blood tests at MUMS – six days per week from 8am through till 6pm and on Saturdays too.
Booking a blood test at MUMS is easy – you can enquire or book online or call us on 0121 704 2669.

Having a blood test is often the most rapid way and the least invasive – to check for health problems – from an infection or checking for cancer.
We are able to offer a range of quality accredited pathology services with access to over 1,500 tests on blood, urine, swabs and other samples. Our tests are available whether you are feeling unwell, or want specific screening for diabetes, liver function, hormones, allergies, cancer markers or otherwise. You may just want reassurance that all your levels and ranges are normal and that you are in good health.
Blood testing services are available to all members of the public on a self-paying basis with just a simple call and booking, without any need for a referral.
Consultations with our GPs cost £100.00 which includes also the cost of taking the blood and contacting you when the results are back at no extra charge.
You also have the option of booking a blood test with our HCAs (Health Care Assistants) which costs £30.00. If your result is abnormal we offer the follow up call with our GPs which costs £35.00 so you can have the results explained to you.
We will then email you a copy of your results. If you have had your test within a consultation with the GP or Specialist then you will get a follow up to have the results explained in detail to you at no cost.
Whatever the reason for your blood test – whether it be for general well-being, worried about a disease or a disorder, or you simply want to know your blood group – we are here to help.
Our service is confidential, professional, affordable and is much quicker than waiting for an NHS blood test.
Having a blood test can provide you and your private GP or NHS GP with detailed information to help both of you understand what may be the cause of your symptoms.  We are happy to share your results with your Consultant, GP or employer. We will not share any of your information if you do not want us to.
Our clinic in Solihull has parking and is central to Solihull town centre. Your appointment will be at a time that is convenient to you. You will be seen in a private consulting room. You only pay for the test once you check out. 


We are here to assist you in making great health choices and focus on getting better.

We offer same day blood testing. We can give you a full account of your general health to include – glucose, cholesterol, iron, thyroid, vitamin levels, liver function, full blood count and many more. 

You may be pregnant and want to have the Beta HCG Advanced Pregnancy Test for early detection of the pregnancy hormone before the baby can be seen on ultrasound scan.

We recommend a GP Consultation to ensure you understand the interpretation of abnormal results and decide what the next steps are for you.

We are renowned for value for money, our extensive range and our fast tracked results. Our staff are highly experienced and as well as actually taking the blood – they liaise with the laboratories and pathologists on your behalf should the results raise any questions or be delayed.

Having the most appropriate blood tests or one of our profiles (clusters of blood tests) is important and why we recommend a consultation so that you do not waste your money in the first instance by having the wrong test.

Our clusters of blood tests have been put together for value for money reasons and to broaden the range to help the interpretation of results and what might be the problem and how to manage the problem.

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