Glucose Tolerance Test

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The cost of a Glucose Tolerance Test is £225.

The cost of a Glucose Tolerance Test combined with a GP consultation is £310.

At MUMS our Health Care Assistants, Nurses  and Private GPs – test for diabetes mellitus, gestational diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance with a Glucose tolerance test.

A glucose tolerance test checks how well the body processes blood sugar (glucose). It involves comparing the levels of glucose in the blood before and after drinking a sugary drink. The results of this test can help doctors to detect type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes

You would need to have two appointments, the first would be early in the morning after you have fasted overnight, the second would be two hours later after you have absorbed the sugary drink. The two samples would then be sent to our laboratory for analysis, the results take 24 hours to obtain. Our opening hours are 8am till 5pm. Our HCA will complete the Laboratory Form for you.

If the test result is abnormal you will need a consultation with the GP to discuss the result which costs £95.00


Glucose Tolerance Test with GP Consultation £320.00