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Nasal Endoscopy by an ENT Consultant

Performed by an experienced ENT Consultant


ENT Consultation and Nasal Endoscopy  £605

Nasal Endoscopy at MUMS

MUMS Ear, Nose and Throat Consultants, Miss Emma Hoskisson and Mr Basavaiah Natesh – offer Nasal Endoscopy.

Nasal Endoscopy is performed within an Ear, Nose and Throat Consultation.

Consultations with MUMS Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Consultants cost £235.00

Nasal Endoscopy costs £370.00

MUMS ENT Consultants, often referred to as Otolaryngologists - perform Nasal Endoscopy to visualise the sinus and nasal passages using MUMS state of the art flexible, thin endoscope which has a tiny camera and light. The sinuses are within the facial bones, connected to the nasal cavity – the space behind the nose.

When the nasal endoscope is inserted through the nose, and guided through the nasal and sinus passage, the images are displayed from the tiny camera to MUMS high tech – state of the art – visual display unit in high definition. The ENT Consultant can clearly see the inside of the nasal and sinus space and show you what can be seen on the screen to diagnose the ENT problem you have. This procedure also enables the consultant to take a sample/biopsy etc.

If you have any of the below ENT conditions – a nasal endoscopy may be required:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Nasal blockages
  • Infections in the nasal and sinus area
  • Nasal polyps
  • Suspected nasal tumour
  • Recurring nose bleeds
  • Sense of smell disturbance

Having a nasal endoscopy enables the consultant to see the actual site of any bleeding or swelling within the nasal tissue and more importantly, takes a close look of any suspicious growths that could indicate cancer.

Nasal endoscopy is required to remove foreign bodies from the nasal passages.

Nasal endoscopy can be performed on men, women, and children.

Nasal endoscopy is often used to assess treatment and the shrinking of polyps.

The most common reason for a nasal endoscopy is rhinosinusitis – which presents as a nasal blockage, causes facial pain, and can cause discharge. Pus can be collected during nasal endoscopy and sent to MUMS partner laboratory for pathology analysis to identify the type of infection you have – to ensure the most appropriate treatment.

Nasal endoscopy is minimally invasive and polyps, biopsies etc can be removed as MUMS Nasal Endoscopy has special tiny tools that can remove nasal polyps and biopsy other growths. If any tissue is removed – we can send it to our laboratory. The cost of tissue laboratory pathology analysis is £200.00. Results are back within 7 days.

As with any minor medical procedure there are risks – although nasal endoscopy is safe. Risks are nosebleeds and fainting.

There is little or no preparation for nasal endoscopy. You can eat and drink normally before and after the procedure. You will be offered a numbing spray to the area before the endoscope is inserted.

You will be sat up during the nasal endoscopy and you will have the opportunity to request add more numbing if it is uncomfortable. The camera will be inserted into your nasal passage on one side and then again on the other side and the inside of your nasal passage will be displayed on the HD Monitor.  The ENT consultant will explain what he/she sees and whether a biopsy is required – and sent off to the laboratory for analysis.

You will be able to go home/return to work after the procedure and resume normal activities.

You will be provided with a full report, we can share the images to a USB for you.

Before you have a nasal endoscopy at MUMS – you will be fully informed as to the reason for the procedure, the costs, any additional costs such as biopsies.

The results will be shared with you. Risks and benefits of nasal endoscopy will be fully discussed with you.

We have ample parking and great reviews.

To book – you can call us on 0121 704 2669 or make an online enquiry. Our friendly team will explain everything to you.

Nasal Endoscopies are performed on Mondays and Wednesdays at MUMS by our male and female ENT Consultants. A chaperone assistant will be present.

There is no need for a referral from your NHS GP. There are no waiting times. You can self-pay or use your health insurance. MUMS are registered with WPA/AVIVA and CIGNA.