Private Antenatal Ultrasound Scans

Offering a range of ultrasound scans for you

Obstetric Scans at MUMS

MUMS offer a wide range of antenatal scans for you during your pregnancy. Scans are performed by highly qualified, experienced, fetal medicine consultants, senior nurse sonographers and high calibre sonographers 

Our scans start from Early pregnancy right through to third trimester.

A scan at MUMS is a diagnostic scan performed by a clinician, which is very different to less expensive commercial scan companies. You can expect a detailed report, images on USB and clinical professionalism. 

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For more informatiom on the scans we offer at MUMS Clinic view our Antenatal scans brochure here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • NO. Ultrasound is scientifically proven to be extremely safe during pregnancy as it uses sound waves not radiation.

  • There is no special requirement for these types of scans but if you are less than 14 weeks pregnant then please do not empty your bladder before your appointment as a full bladder will help us get clearer images.

  • Scans can be done at any time but there are a few highly recommended during pregnancy: • Early pregnancy scan – can exclude ectopic, will date pregnancy, will determine the number of babies, and check the heartbeat (See EP FAQs for more details) • The Nuchal Scan – checks for chromosomal abnormalities and verifies baby’s early anatomy (See NT FAQs for more details) • Anomaly scan – checks every part of baby’s anatomy to exclude any abnormalities (See Anomaly FAQs for more details) • Growth scan – to see if baby is growing normally, placental function, amniotic fluid, and baby’s position (See Growth FAQs for more details)

  • Yes you do, we state all the findings in the report and you will get a copy of it at the end of your scan.

  • Yes you can, we offer consultations with experienced Fetal Medicine Specialists and Consultants.