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Corporate Medical Services in Solihull

MUMS Corporate service offering


Pre employment medical with report £150

Health Screening

Silver level health screening £200
Gold level health screening £350
Platinum level health screening £400

Independent Medical Opinions

GP independent medical opinion £150
Specialist Consultant independent medical opinion £250

MUMS Corporate service offering

MUMS Solihull GPs and Consultants provide services to Employers for their Employee’s.

MUMS has been treating patients privately in Solihull for two decades. We are totally committed to providing first class health care which is tailored and bespoke.

We know that our neighbouring employers want to empower their employee’s as it is known that optimised health and well being results in a more productive workforce and happier customers.

MUMS – being an employer – understands the costs associated with emotional and physical health problems.

Our wide range of corporate healthcare services – which are easily accessible, affordable and tailored for each employer, employee – are welcomed in this locality. We ensure your employee is seen by the most appropriate clinician, has speedy access to diagnostics and rapid results for a speedy diagnosis.

This includes:

Contact us today for help with improving health at work and/or reducing absenteeism.

You may be seeking an independent medical opinion for one of your employee’s – either with our Private GPs or Specialist Consultants.

Our clinicians are able to provide pre-employment medicals for speedy on-boarding at your place of work.

We offer comprehensive health checks.

There are no waiting times at MUMS. We have parking and can also provide services on site.

We look after a number of employers in the West Midlands and can furnish you with testimonials regarding the service.

You can download our brochure for corporates to understand in detail – how MUMS can help you care for your employees.