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An MSK scan will assess the major and some minor tendons, ligaments and nerves around the various aspects of the body parts, wether it be related to pain and/or reduced movement from sports injuries, old age or general health conditions such as Rheumatology and arthritis. Areas that can be looked at are:








And the relevant muscles/tendons and nerves in between, linking all these body parts (e.g thigh muscles / hamstrings / forearm muscles and calf muscles etc.

Hernia – Sometimes there can be a weakening in the body tissues causing deeper tissues to protrude through these weakened areas, these are termed hernias and can also be assessed with ultrasound very nicely.

Types of hernia include : Epigastric (mid abdomen), Inguinal (Groin), Femoral (lower groin/upper thigh), Scrotal ( into the scrotum) and surgical (from previous surgery).

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MSK Shoulder Scan £175
MSK Elbow Scan £175
MSK Knee Scan £175
MSK Wrist Scan £175
MSK Hernia Scan £175
MSK Hip Scan £175
MSK Foot Scan £175
MSK Ankle Scan £175