Hay Fever Consultation and Treatment

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Hayfever Consultation and Treatment  £100

Private Hay Fever Consultation and Treatment

The Hay Fever season is upon us – a time when many people start to suffer from sneezing, itchy sore eyes, a runny nose, and other distracting symptoms. MUMS Private GPs offer consultations and treatment to relieve the discomfort from this seasonal affecting time.

The consultation and treatment costs £100. Treatment varies dependent upon the individual.

Some treatments at MUMS provide immediate and effective relief and are effective for the whole of the hay fever season.

Our GPs will assess you to decide which treatment is best for you, based upon your history and clinical presentation. You will be screened prior to prescribing treatment.

Your autoimmune system causes hay fever by attempting to deter pollen entering your body. Some patients are severely affected which has an adverse effect on their well-being and can continue from spring to even Autumn.

MUMS private GPs can advise and prescribe and administer treatment for hay fever – arriving at the most appropriate and effective treatment to alleviate your hay fever symptoms.

If you have tried over the counter hay fever medications which have not had the desired effect, then you will want to understand how other treatments can help you. Traditional remedies do not help everyone – which is why MUMS offer other treatment levels which are not available on the NHS.

We also offer allergy testing for pollen and other inhalants.

MUMS GPs will also advise you on how to actively manage the hay fever season with tips and advice.

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