Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing

Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA testing

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Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing 10day Turnaround £800
Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing Express 6day Turnaround £1000
Additional Alleged Father Testing  £200
Gender option added to test £100

MUMS Solihull offers Prenatal Paternity DNA Tests. This is a non-invasive test. We take blood and saliva from the mother and saliva from the alleged father. The gender of the baby can also be revealed with this test. We offer a standard turnaround time for results – 10 days and an express service – 6 days. We can test multiple alleged fathers too.

This test can be performed as early as 7 weeks of pregnancy. Our GPs, Nurses and Health Care Assistants offer these tests – 6 days per week.

The appointment will be 30 mins in duration.

You can book online or call us on 0121 704 2669. Our friendly team will guide you and explain everything you need to know.

Cost of Service

Consultation and Testing – Mother and Alleged Father – 10-day turnaround £800.00

Consultation and Testing – Mother and Alleged Father -    6-day turnaround £1000.00

Gender Reveal £100.00

Additional Alleged Father Testing - £200.00 ( up to 3 additional alleged fathers can be tested )

An Average of 20% of Mothers Foetal DNA require recollection for further testing. In the case of an Inconclusive results, we offer a Free of charge recollection of DNA - to be repeated at 9 weeks.

A 2nd inconclusive can be tested Free of charge at 11 weeks.

We are UKAS Accredited and only use UKAS Accredited laboratories.

The results are 100% accurate and so being tested at MUMS means you can rely on us to ensure you are confident who the father of your unborn child is. If you want to find out who the father of your unborn child is, then this test is for you.

This test is often referred to as a NIPP Test. We send the blood samples from the mother, together with the saliva samples from one or more alleged fathers of the unborn baby to our partner laboratory and a form which we complete with you. Our laboratory examines the babies DNA, the DNA from mothers’ blood and the DNA from the alleged father’s saliva. Our laboratory can assess the DNA and ascertain which is from the mother and which is from the father. If the DNA does not match the father, then the result will show there is zero chance of the alleged father being the father or the unborn child.

There is no risk to the unborn child with this test – unlike other invasive tests such an amniocentesis.

This is a peace of mind test.

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