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GP Consultations

If you need to arrange an appointment with a GP but have found that you cannot secure an NHS appointment quickly, we have private GP consultations available.


What Is A Private GP Consultation?

A private GP consultation is an appointment in which a patient meets with a highly experienced and qualified GP to discuss any health concerns they may have. Unlike NHS GP consultations, which average 9 minutes, our private GP consultations are not rushed.  Instead, our private GP consultations will last at least 30 minutes, providing an extensive review of your symptoms and condition. During your private GP consultation, you can expect to be listened to attentively, examined and diagnosed.  Any necessary tests are also performed on the spot, eliminating the need to make additional appointments at a later date.


What Can A Private GP Consultation Be Used For?

 Carried out by both male and female GP’s, our private GP consultations are comprehensive:


-         We can issue prescriptions if necessary, and repeat prescriptions can be obtained without returning to your local GP

o Everything is, of course, totally confidential

o Our GPs can perform diagnostics including blood tests, spirometry, ECG and many other tests including sexual health, cancer screening, heart, lung, and many other health checks.

o We can organise further tests, referral to a specialist, or offer a second opinion

o Furthermore, our GPs offer Vaccinations and Immunisations

o Our GPs offer taxi medicals and Visa Medicals and Adoption Medicals

o Private Sick notes

o Allergy Testing

o Covid 19 Antibody Tests and Swabs for travellers




What Are The Benefits Of Private GP Consultations?

Although the NHS continues to provide exceptional services to millions of people every day, waiting times have significantly increased due to demand.  Now, in the United Kingdom, the average patient is required to wait 19 days before they can access an appointment with their local GP. Regrettably, this extended waiting time puts many individuals at risk of suffering from chronic illnesses and unbearable pain.


For this very reason, demand for private GP consultations has increased considerably in the last few years. In addition to the above, the benefits associated with private GP consultations include, but are not limited to, the following;


-         Reduced waiting times

-         Tests can be carried out on the spot should they be required

-         Test results are received within 24 hours

-         Private GP consultations offer you more time with a GP and are never rushed

-         Appointments can be accessed with ease

-         Private GP consultations offer peace of mind and enable you to seek advice and guidance

-         Private GP consultations enable you to make a medical appointment if you are unable to access an appointment or do not want to wait for an appointment via the NHS


Contact Us Today To Arrange A Private GP Consultation

If you have been waiting to see your local GP for a prolonged period and would like to seek medical support as soon as possible, we welcome you to arrange a private consultation with one of our GPs. Irrespective of whether you would like to discuss a medical problem that you believe you may have, require a prescription for medication or would like to arrange a routine screening, our private GPs are on hand to help you.


There are no rushed appointments, and you’ll be seen by hand-picked, high calibre GPs in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Blood & laboratory testing can be done within the same appointment, meaning you don't have to return at a later date. Most results are back within 24 hours and are sent to you by call, text or email. To arrange a private GP consultation, call us today on 0121 704 2669.  Alternatively, request an appointment here.


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