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Private GP Consultations in Solihull

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Doctor Consultation £100

Private GP Consultations in Solihull

MUMS Private GPs are available 6 days a week. We offer easy, rapid access to Private GPs in our prestigious Solihull Clinic near Birmingham. Private GP appointments can be complementary to your NHS GP – especially at times when you are unable to book an NHS GP Appointment due to frustrating waiting times. You do not need to de-register from your NHS GP to see a Private GP.

Consultations are 30 minutes in duration. MUMS GPs are very experienced and provide comprehensive, holistic, through and unrushed consultations.

Diagnostics and tests can be performed on the very same day and results are rapid.

There are no waiting times to see a GP at MUMS. We have both male and female GPs.

Our GP appointments are reasonably priced - £100.00. We have great customer reviews, ample parking and provide holistic, comprehensive care.


What Is a Private GP Consultation?

A private GP consultation is an appointment in which a patient meets with a highly experienced and qualified GP to discuss any health concerns they may have. Our private GPs provide an extensive review of your symptoms and condition. During your private GP consultation, you can expect to be listened to attentively, examined with a treatment plan at the end of the consultation.  Any necessary tests are also performed on the spot, eliminating the need to make additional appointments at a later date.


What Can a Private GP Consultation Be Used For?

Carried out by both male and female GP’s, our private GP consultations are comprehensive:

We can issue prescriptions if necessary and repeat prescriptions can be obtained without returning to your local GP.

  • Everything is, of course, totally confidential
  • Our GPs can perform diagnostics including blood tests, ECG and many other tests including sexual health, cancer screening, and many other health checks.
  • We can organise further tests, referral to a specialist, or offer a second opinion
  • Furthermore, our GPs offer Vaccinations and Immunisations
  • Our GPs offer taxi medicals and Visa Medicals, Adoption Medicals and Armed Forces
  • Private Sick notes
  • Allergy Testing
  • Sexual Health Testing
  • Health Screening

We provide high quality private GP services in Solihull, near Birmingham  at an affordable price. If you’re feeling poorly, have a health concern or want a second opinion, you may have a two week wait to see your own GP. We offer same day, rapid access, convenience all at an alternative and affordable price. 

See a Private GP near you, please call us or book online.

We’re situated in the heart of Solihull on Park Avenue and are open Monday to Saturday.

Finding a private GP can be frustrating when you just want convenient access to quality healthcare.

Private GP services offer an alternative to NHS primary care, providing more flexible appointments and often shorter waiting times in a private setting.


Benefits of Private General Practitioners.

Choosing a private GP can provide advantages over standard NHS primary care:

  • Shorter waiting times for non-emergency appointments
  • Flexibility to book appointments at short notice
  • Longer and more dedicated consultation times
  • Access to some specialised services not available on the NHS
  • Continuity of care from the same private GP

General Health Checks and Monitoring

  • Routine health checks and monitoring, including blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.
  • Vaccinations and immunisations
  • General medical consultations for acute and chronic conditions
  • Referrals for scans, screening tests, biopsies, etc.
  • Prescriptions and medication reviews
  • Travel health advice and vaccinations

Having a private GP allows you to access these routine healthcare services without waiting times. You can usually get an appointment within a few days and receive test results rapidly. This enables closer monitoring of existing conditions.


Diagnostics and Specialist Referrals

MUMS provides a comprehensive range of diagnostics and access to specialist care, eliminating lengthy NHS waiting times.


Chronic Condition Management

  • Regular monitoring and personalised care plans
  • Medication and treatment reviews
  • Referrals to dieticians, physiotherapists, mental health services
  • Support through rehabilitation and lifestyle changes

By providing fast access to tests, scans, and specialist referrals, MUMS delivers coordinated private care for better health outcomes. Their network of specialists and diagnostics services reduces waiting times for those needing urgent or highly personalised care.


Comparing Clinics and Doctors

When selecting a private provider, consider factors like:

  • Services offered - what tests, scans, procedures are available on-site
  • Experience levels of doctors – Using Doctify
  • Clinic ratings and reviews
  • Ease of booking appointments
  • Comfort and amenities of clinic
  • Ability to book online
  • Waiting times
  • Choice of male and female GPs

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