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Have you been made to wait for more than a few days to see your regular GP?  Do you feel unwell and require an immediate diagnosis?  Or are you hoping to take advantage of testing services that the NHS cannot provide via a GP consultation? Why not arrange a private GP consultation with one of our private GPs today?


What Is A Private GP?

Private GPs are the first point of contact when you feel unwell, require a medical test or are due a routine health screening.  Providing high-quality private GP consultations and services at an affordable price, demand for private GPs has soared in recent years. Specialists in primary care, our private GPs have many years of experience in both NHS and private healthcare.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Private GP?

Unlike regular NHS GPs, private GPs can administer a wide range of tests and provide same-day diagnostics.  Not only does this negate the requirement for follow-up appointments, it also ensures that you are able to obtain the treatment you may need for a health problem instantly. Furthermore, at our Solihull clinic, our private GPs can offer immediate appointments.  Rather than waiting between two and three weeks to see your local GP, you will never be made to wait for more than 24-hours for a private GP consultation.

To put it simply, private GPs can offer more time than regular GPs.  On average, the British population spend nine minutes with an NHS doctor.  Sadly, this does not provide sufficient time to test and diagnose many health conditions effectively.  In contrast, private GP consultations last for at least 30 minutes, allowing the time for a comprehensive review of your condition and symptoms.


What Services Do Our Private GPs Offer?

Here at MUMs, our private GPs offer the same services as NHS GPs.  However, you will never be made to wait for an appointment, nor will your appointment be rushed. 

Here are just some of the services that our private GPs offer:

If the service you require is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.  We offer many services, and we are confident that we can assist you.


Who Are Private GPs Suitable For?

Contrary to popular belief, private GP consultations are suitable for anyone to take advantage of, not just a select few.  Whether you feel unwell and require medical treatment, or you are due a routine health screen, our private GPs can assist you. Our patients often seek advice and medical guidance from our private GPs when they have been made to wait an extended period for an NHS GP appointment. 

We also often find that private GP consultations are arranged for tests that are not available on the NHS.  This is because we offer an extensive range of tests and we can provide rapid results.


Contact Us Today To Book A Private GP Consultation

We provide high quality private GP services at an affordable price. If you’re feeling poorly, have a health concern or want a second opinion, you may have a two week wait to see your own GP. We offer same day, rapid access, convenience all at an alternative and affordable price.

We’re situated on Park Avenue in Solihull town centre – we are open 6 days per week. Contact us now.


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