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There when you or your family need us the most

MUMS Private GPs are available six days per week in our conveniently located diagnostic and treatment centre – Solihull, Birmingham. Our affordable Private GPs offer the same services as NHS GPs. However, you will never be made to wait for an appointment, nor will your appointment be rushed. Our service is for adults and children and is easy and quick to access. You can book online, by telephone or email or simply walk in – to our state-of-the-art clinic in Solihull, Birmingham. Our GPs offer same day diagnostics for a speedy diagnosis. We offer male and female GPs – all who have over 20 years’ experience – patients from all over the west midlands, Warwickshire and surrounding areas trust our services.

MUMS has been providing private healthcare to the local community here in the west midlands for two decades and responds to the demands of our patients – some of which have become dissatisfied with the NHS waiting times which has led to MUMS expanding its healthcare offering which has resulted in over 32 specialist consultants and 6 GPs joining our elite team. 

What Services Do Our Private GPs Offer?

Here are just some of the services that our private GPs offer:

  • Consultations – Elongated, un-rushed, convenient – with male and female experienced GPs - £100.00
  • Health screens – Comprehensive health checks with affordable diagnostics and speedy results for peace of mind 
  • Immunisations and travel vaccinations – easy to book low-cost immunisations and vaccinations for travel – be wise – immunise.
  • Allergy testing – Adult and Child allergy testing – single or multiple tests to ascertain your allergy or intolerance.
  • No Scalpel Vasectomy – minimally invasive one stop shop service with no waiting list
  • Sexual Health – discreet and confidential service – same day testing and rapid results
  • ECGs – same day results for peace of mind – no referral necessary
  • Blood Tests – wide range of blood tests available – low cost – rapid results
  • Tests and Diagnostics – no referral necessary and no waiting times and same day results for a huge list of tests and diagnostics with follow up.
  • Injections – Fertility, Vit B12, etc
  • Medicals – Pre-Employment, Taxi, HGV, Visa etc
  • 2nd Opinions – Experienced GPs providing independent 2nd opinions with no waiting times and specialist consultants in-house.
  • Contraceptive Services
  • Diet and Lifestyle advice
  • Referrals to consultants
  • Menopause treatment
  • Corporate services

The above list is not exhaustive. We pride ourselves in being flexible to your needs, being approachable – nothing is too much trouble. Our GPs are very experienced doctors, highly qualified and all have special interests. They are dedicated to MUMS and are extremely proud of our ratings.

The number of people accessing private GPs is on the rise as the NHS is struggling post-covid due to increased waiting times.

Dr Philip Bickley has worked in the NHS and as Aston Villa’s Club Doctor 
Dr Carol Hooper has worked in the NHS and has a special interest in women’s health screening.
Dr Adeline Afong has worked locally for two decades and has a special interest in aesthetics. Adeline performs minor surgery at MUMS.
Dr Vandna Sharma has worked as a GP in Solihull for many years and her special interest is minor surgery and Dermatology.
Dr Nimah Bholah is a local NHS GP and specialises in women’s health, contraception, coil fitting, injections, and implants.
Dr Kiran Singh is a local NHS GP and has an extended role in Dermatology and Minor Surgery.

Our Birmingham based GP Team truly care for MUMS patients and take the time to thoroughly investigate you for a speedy diagnosis.

MUMS has great testimonials as do our GPs who offer everything and more that you could need from your NHS GP.  Our service is complimentary to your NHS GP service – you do not need to de-register from the NHS by seeing a private GP. We will share your information only if you ask us to. 

You can book a health screen or blood test or sexual health test or vaccination with our GPs six days a week at a mutually convenient time. You can book online or call us.

What is great for you at MUMS when seeing a Private GP – is that the tests and diagnostics are provided in-house, usually within the same appointment but also – our 20+ Specialist Consultants are in house too – so often – when you are referred – you can be seen on the very same day.

We are flexible, local, affordable, and supportive to your needs. We can prescribe or supply you with medication. We can fast track any tests that you need and ensure the appropriate follow up and promise happens.

There when you or your family need us the most.

Are you having to wait for more than a few days to see your regular GP?  Do you feel unwell and require an immediate diagnosis, treatment, or medication?  Or are you hoping to take advantage of testing services that the NHS cannot provide via a GP consultation? Why not arrange a private GP consultation with one of our private GPs today?

If the service you require is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.  We offer many services, and we are confident that we can assist you.

What Is a Private GP?

Private GPs can be the first point of contact when you feel unwell, require a medical test or are due a routine health screening. Providing high-quality private GP consultations and services at an affordable price, demand for private GPs has soared in recent years. As specialists in primary care, our private GPs have many years of experience in both NHS and private healthcare settings.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Private GP?

Unlike regular NHS GPs, private GPs can administer a wide range of tests and provide same-day diagnostics. Not only does this negate the requirement for follow-up appointments, but it also ensures that you are able to obtain the treatment you may need for any health problem. Furthermore, at our Solihull clinic, our private GPs can offer immediate appointments. 

Private GPs can offer more time than regular GPs. On average, the British population spend nine minutes with an NHS doctor. Sadly, this does not provide sufficient time to test and diagnose many health conditions effectively.  Our private GP consultations are booked as 30-minute appointments, allowing the time for a comprehensive review of your condition and symptoms. It does not matter if the consultation exceeds this. You will not be charged any more. Our appointment systems have contingency built in to cater for elongated appointments.

Who Are Private GPs Suitable For?

Contrary to popular belief, private GP consultations are suitable for anyone to take advantage of. Whether you feel unwell and require medical treatment, or you are due a routine health screen, our private GPs can assist you. Our patients often seek advice and medical guidance from our private GPs when they have been made to wait an extended period for an NHS GP appointment. 

We also often find that private GP consultations are arranged for tests that are not available on the NHS. This is because we offer an extensive range of tests, and we can provide rapid results.

Contact Us Today to Book a Private GP Consultation

We provide high quality private GP services at an affordable price. If you are feeling unwell, have a health concern or want a second opinion, you may have a two week wait to see your own GP. We offer same day, rapid access, convenience all at an alternative and affordable price.

We’re situated on Park Avenue in Solihull town centre – we are open 6 days per week. Contact us now.