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An electrocardiogram (ECG) is used to record the heart’s rhythm and electrical activity. An ECG can detect irregular heart rhythms to help diagnose the cause of symptoms such as chest pain or palpitations or confirm a healthy heart.

The ECG records your heart function and results are displayed on a screen and can be traced out on a piece of paper.

An ECG can identify problems with your heart including:

  • A heart attack
  • An enlarged heart that is working under strain
  • Fast, slow or irregular heartbeats called arrhythmias

An ECG can also help investigate the reasons for chest pains, palpitations, or symptoms such as difficulty in breathing.

It can also help to assess if a patient has had a heart attack or for evidence of a previous heart attack.

The heart’s electrical activity is measured through electrodes which are attached to the skin with adhesive pads. These electrodes measure the electrical signals of the heart. An ECG is a simple, and quick and painless procedure.

It is advisable to shave the chest area prior to ECG as sticky pads adhere to the skin.

You can have an ECG with our Health Care Assistant – the cost is £25.00 for the appointment and £50.00 for the ECG.

You may prefer a GP Consultation which costs £95.00 plus the cost of the ECG which is £50.00

Alternatively you may wish for our Consultant Cardiologist to perform your ECG which costs £230.00 plus £50.00 for the ECG.


ECG with Health Care Assistant £75
ECG with GP Consultation £135
ECG with Consultant Cardiologist Consultation £280