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Group A Strep (GAS) Testing

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Group A Strep (GAS) £50.00

Group A Strep testing at MUMS Solihull

Group A Streptococcus often referred to as GAS is a bacteria – not a virus. This bacteria is commonly carried on our skin and in our throat. Not everyone will become ill if they contract Group A Strep. However, some people can become extremely ill, and fatalities can occur, although rare. The more serious bacterial infection caused by Strep A is the invasive GAS – known as iGAS.

Streptococcal bacteria is contagious and can spread with coughing, sneezing, and sharing and food and drink.

Symptoms can include pain when swallowing, high temperature, inflamed tonsils, and white spots at the back of the throat.

Vulnerable people, those with low immunity and those with open wounds are susceptible to contracting the bacterial infection.

The infection can last up to 5 days and antibiotics are required to reduce complications.

Left untreated, the infection, although uncommon – can become invasive. Invasive symptoms include – high temperature, severe muscle pain, tenderness, wound infection and

MUMS offer a lateral flow test to check for Group Strep A.

Results take 20 mins.

The test shows if Group A Strep Bacteria is present. If the test result shows that GAS is positive – patients can consult with MUMS GPs for Antibiotics.

We also offer a laboratory PCR Culture SWAB for confirmatory purposes but results can take up to 3 days.

MUMS Group A Strep Instant Tests are reliable, swift, and affordable for peace of mind.

You can book online, call 0121 704 2669 or send an enquiry and one of our friendly team will organise your appointment. We ask that you wear a face covering.

This instant test is for adults and children in a 15 minute appointment and costs £50.00

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