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Gynaecological Scan

MUMS provide a range of ultrasound diagnostic services to women with gynaecological problems.

You can either attend for an ultrasound with a sonographer who will report the findings to you.  If you prefer to see a Consultant Gynaecologist for a ultrasound and consultation this is also available at MUMS.  The Consultant Gynaecologist will be able to recommend treatments if necessary either within the NHS or private practice.  Initially you will be asked to give a brief outline of your problem, the date of your last period (if relevant) and whether you have had any significant gynaecology or other medical problems in the past.

If you would like a comprehensive Gynaecological Consultation combined with a detailed Gynaecology Ultrasound Scan with out expert Gynaecologist, Miss Poonam Pradhan, click here to book now.

Reasons for having a gynaecology scan

  •  Abnormal periods or bleeding
  •  Pelvic pain
  •  Post-menopausal bleeding
  •  Fertility problems
  •  Ovarian cysts and follow-up
  •  Ovarian cancer screening

What is checked?

  •  Uterus (the size and shape of the womb)
  •  The cervix
  •  The endometrium (thickness of the lining of the womb)
  •  The size and appearances of the ovaries
  •  The position of an intra-uterine contraceptive device (IUCD) in the uterus if applicable
  •  Any cysts or pelvic abnormalities

About your gynaecological scan

Initially you will  be scanned via your tummy during which you will need to attend with a full bladder. After the tummy scan, you will be asked to empty your bladder in order to proceed with a vaginal or also known as an internal scan. This scan is not carried out if you have never been sexually active and the doctor will enquire before proceeding with the scan. The doctor will explain the scan findings during your appointment.

Please state at the time of booking if you would prefer a female sonographer. If the scan is performed by a male there will always be a female chaperone present in the room.

What’s included in your Gynaecology Scan

A Report: A detailed report confirming scan findings will be given to you on the day. If you require any further treatment your scan report should be given to your GP who can arrange the appropriate referral

Other Scans Available

Ovarian £200.00
This scan assess the size and shaps of the Uterus and the ovaries. This scan is used to detect ovarian pathology such as cysts and cancer. You will have a transabdominal scan first  where a probe is placed over your lower tummy and an internal scan where the probe is placed in your vagina to have a closer look at the ovaries.  

Female Pelvis TA & TV £225.00
A pelvic ultrasound is a test that uses sound waves to make pictures of the organs inside your pelvis. In women, a pelvic ultrasound is used to view the following - Cervix, Uterus, ovaries, baldder.You will have a transabdominal scan first followed by an internal scan. This scan is used to detect a variety of pelvic pathology including fibroids, polyps, ovarian cysts, PCOS and severe endometriosis.



Gynaecological Scan and Consultation with Gynaecologist £350
Ovarian Scan Only £200
Female Pelvis Scan Only ( TA & TV Includes Uterus/Endomentrial/Ovaries ) £225