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Tests and Diagnostics - Blood Testing in Solihull

A comprehensive range of testing services for you

MUMS offer a comprehensive range of tests and diagnostics six days a week at our state of the art clinic in Solihull. There are no waiting times and you do not need a referral from your GP.  Our experienced, friendly team of clinicians perform a wide range of tests and diagnostics which are affordably priced. We offer a speedy diagnosis for those wanting to skip NHS queues.

MUMS has been established since 2003 with great reviews and testimonials as a leading provider of diagnostic services with over two decades of experience. Our clinical equipment is the latest state of the art diagnostic kit. 

Our tests are available whether you are feeling unwell, or want specific screening for diabetes, liver function, hormones, allergies, cancer markers or otherwise.
Have you recently started to feel unwell?  Are you due a routine test or check-up?  Or would you like to be tested for hereditary health problems? At MUMS, we can assist you. Providing a wide range of tests, we can diagnose and identify many health problems by conducting simple blood tests.

Blood testing is one of the quickest, easiest, and least invasive methods to identify any issues or diagnose a number of health problems – from an infection to screening for a genetic condition or cancer. Our laboratory offers over 1000 tests. If you simply want peace of mind then we offer a fully confidential service. We offer rapid access and quick turnaround times for:


  • Allergy testing – for adults and children with rapid results – consultations and testing.  We test for over 1000 products and provide detailed after care and reports. 
  • Cancer tests – reassurance and speedy diagnosis or peace of mind for males and females with expert GPs and Consultants – no waiting times.
  • Blood tests and pathology – Same day service available – 6 days per week – rapid results and follow up.
  • Heart and Cardiac tests – offered by GPs and Cardiologists – to include ECGs and ECHO’s and may other cardiac tests and state of the art monitoring kit
  • Lung tests – CDT Lung Blood TEST, Spirometry and Respiratory specialists available 6 days per week – for a quick diagnosis and prompt treatment
  • Sexual health – Same Day Service available – experts on hand with rapid results and peace of mind – wide range of affordable STI and STD tests
  • Ultrasound – All types of ultrasound offered daily – 6 days per week – performed by consultants and radiographers who are all experts in their speciality field
  • Health Screens – Comprehensive affordable health check up with experienced GPs 5 days a week for men and women with a detailed report to help improve their health and lifestyle
  • Prenatal Paternity DNA TESTING – Risk free peace of mind test to determine the father of your unborn baby. Quick and Accurate results.

Our tests are available whether you are feeling unwell, or want specific screening for diabetes, liver function, hormones, allergies, cancer markers or otherwise.

Booking is easy and results are quick. Don’t wait if you do not have to. We have on-site parking with daily couriers taking our tests to laboratories nationwide.

At MUMS we care and want to help you because we all know that prevention is better than cure. Our popular tests and health screens are welcomed by our patients – we offer support and advice and follow up.

We understand that our patients want un-rushed time with our clinicians for a holistic health and well being analysis. Appointments are not timed and we build in contingency to cater for those who want the opportunity to discuss multiple matters.

Who Can Use Our Test And Diagnostics Service?

At MUMS, our test and diagnostics services are readily available for you. Although many believe that we only offer these particular services to those with private health insurance, this is simply not true. All members of the public on a self-paying basis can take full advantage of our test and diagnostics service with just a simple call and booking, without any need for a referral. If you know which tests you need, we can organise your appointment or you may wish to consult with our GPs or Specialist Consultants to decide on the most appropriate diagnostic test – given your symptoms.

Why Is It Vital For You To Secure Private Tests and Diagnostics?

Waiting for tests to be carried out by the NHS can cause anxiety. Delayed diagnosis and treatment times can also cause health problems to intensify and ultimately impair the quality of your life.  With this in mind, it can often be vital to secure private tests and same-day diagnostics. By offering quick results, we can offer you peace of mind.

How Our Private Tests and Diagnostics Can Help You

Whether you require a blood test to identify any underlying health problems or simply require an allergy test to ascertain whether symptoms recently experienced result from an allergy, our tests and diagnostics can help you secure a diagnosis quickly.  We also offer a GP service following your test, should you wish to discuss the outcome of your results and to ascertain whether any further investigations needed. Our private tests and diagnostics can help you because they will enable you to understand whether you require treatment for any health problems that may have otherwise gone undiagnosed. 

Who Are Our Private Tests and Diagnostics Suitable For?

To reiterate, here at MUMS, we welcome absolutely anyone to book a private test and diagnostics at our clinic in Solihull. Our services are suitable for anyone who:

  • Has been unable to secure an NHS test and diagnostic appointment
  • Does not want to wait for NHS treatment to become available
  • Requires rapid results
  • Desires a speedy diagnosis

Fast track test results

You will benefit from significantly faster turnaround times, with most common blood results being available within 24 hours of your appointment. Please ask one of our dedicated team to confirm the approximate turnaround time for any specific tests you require. We perform many instant tests too. Our Specialist Consultants and GPs are highly trained in performing the appropriate diagnostic or test that you need for total peace of mind.

Contact Us Today To Arrange A Private Test

We are confident that our tests and diagnostics can provide you with the reassurance, help and support you need when you need it. If you are ready to arrange a test, please contact us directly by calling 0121 704 2669.  Alternatively, request an appointment online now.

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