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Cervical Smear with HPV – Cervical Cancer Test

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Cervical Smear/HPV/Exam + Consultation with Gynaecologist / Dr Nimah Bholah £260
Cervical Smear/HPV/Exam + Consultation/Scan and Consultant Gynaecologist Appointment £200 + £235

MUMS Offer Private Cervical Smear Testing

MUMS Private GP who specialises in women’s health, Dr Nimah Bholah – offers consultation, cervical smear and free of charge follow up with results for cervical smear testing.

Additionally – MUMS Consultant Gynaecologists – Miss Poonam Pradhan and Miss Natalie Woodhead offer cervical smear testing too.

The Pap test ( cervical smear ) can find abnormal cells in the cervix which may turn into cancer. The HPV test looks for the (high risk) HPV virus (human papillomavirus).

The guidelines around cervical cancer have changed and HPV screening is now offered as routine to select patient for further testing such as colposcopy. HPV is now seen to be useful in detecting women at high risk of cervical cancer risk than abnormal cells. A smear in the NHS or at the GP is done to only detect HPV virus, however at MUMS we test our clients for both HPV as well as and cytology ( cells).

Cervical Smear/HPV/Exam + Consultation with our Gynaecologists or Dr Nimah Bholah costs £260.00.

If you decide to have a cervical smear in addition to a consultation/scan and consultation with a Consultant Gynaecologist which costs £235 – the cost of the smear is £200

Our Cervical Smear test service includes – a consultation, an examination, taking of the smear, laboratory analysis and follow up with the results for both cervical cancer and HPV.

Having a cervical smear test at MUMS takes around 30 mins – results are back within 5 days. We share the results with you.

We have ample parking and great reviews. There are no waiting times at MUMS for cervical smear cancer testing. We use expert laboratory services.

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