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Private Breast Consultations and Testing

See a specialist consultant breast surgeon in a relaxed setting

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Breast Surgery Consultant Consultation (for women over 40)  £235
Breast Reassurance Clinic (for women under 40)  £235

Specialist Consultant Breast Surgeon

Mr Seni Mylvaganam - Specialist Consultant Breast Surgeon

Mr Seni Mylvaganam is MUMS Specialist Consultant Breast Surgeon.  He specialises in the surgical assessment and management of male and female breast symptoms and benign disease, breast cancer and breast reconstruction.

Seni offers consultations at MUMS with no waiting times and no need for a referral from your NHS GP. Consultations are affordable, unrushed and comprehensive. 

Mr Seni Mylvaganam aims to provide every patient with the highest quality assessment, advice, and treatment, whether this is regarding benign breast symptoms, breast cancer care or cosmetic considerations. His patients remain at the heart of his work, and he states that "understanding their needs is essential to offering the best treatment tailored to each individual."

Consulting with Mr Seni at MUMS is easy to access.

We offer:

Breast Surgeon Consultations for women and men

For women and men who have felt a lump or a change in the appearance of their breast. It might be that a nipple looks inverted, or you have breast pain or a discharge from the nipple. Mr Seni will examine you, take a history, and discuss rapid access to diagnostics such as Mammogram, MRI, Ultrasound or Biopsy. He may suggest aspiration of a lump. We offer speedy diagnostics, fast results and follow up.  The aim of this is to give peace of mind quickly or early diagnosis.  Mr Seni offers breast consultations on Tuesdays. We have ample parking and great reviews on Doctify.

Book online or send an enquiry or call us on 0121 704 2669 to book a consultation. If Tuesdays are not convenient for you – Mr Seni is always happy to be flexible – especially if you are worried and prefer not to wait. MUMS ethos is to offer patients support, advice and a truly personal service as we understand that breast problems can cause anxiety, often unnecessarily.

Breast consultations can also be undertaken for second opinions on breast cancer or benign breast condition treatment. 

Consultations are comprehensive and holistic and all diagnostic investigations and be organised rapidly. Mr Seni offers a personalised and bespoke service to get you the answers you need.

If any tumour markers/blood tests are initiated during your consultation with Mr Seni – you will need a follow up face to face appointment to have the results interpreted. Follow up appointments cost £150.

For women and men aged 40 and under with breast symptoms or concerns regarding their breast health -for  this group of women and men, it is much more likely that any breast symptoms are benign and following expert assessment may be managed primarily with reassurance. You will be seen by an expert breast surgeon (Mr Seni Mylvaganam) who will undertake a history of the concerns and then perform a breast and armpit examination to complete the clinical assessment. Based on this Mr Mylvaganam will discuss with you any further assessments that may be required, which could include an ultrasound which identifies an area of uncertainty. It is likely a core biopsy would be recommended to confirm any diagnosis. The aim of a breast reassurance clinic is to provide women and men with fast direct access to an expert breast specialist to evaluate their symptoms and provide a prompt, clear, detailed explanation, and diagnosis for each woman or man. 

Breast Cancer Risks and Genetic Screening

Breast surgery consultations are required to detect breast cancer and the risk of breast cancer. We offer two different gene tests at our clinic. These tests include a 12 Panel Genetic tests that includes BRCA and AnteBC Test.

The two tests provide different information. As a result, they can be used together. Upon arranging a consultation with our breast surgery consultant, you will be guided through which tests are recommended for you. To provide greater insight into the two tests we offer, we have provided a wealth of information below.

Genomic medicine (the use of a person’s individual DNA to inform about disease risk and how to treat) is increasingly playing a central part in how we view and treat breast cancer.  It can enable us to identify individuals at a higher risk of developing breast cancer so a person can know their risk but also what to do with that information to reduce their risk. Learn more about our Breast Cancer gene testing here.

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Irrespective of whether you wish to detect your risk of breast cancer or require a breast surgeon consultation here at MUMS, we are here to meet your needs and avoid NHS waiting times.

More about Mr Seni

As a member of the Association of Breast Surgery Clinical Practice and Standards Committee, Seni initially qualified as a doctor in 2003 at the Royal Free and University College London Medical School before completing his bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology at University College London. After completing his medical degree, he completed his specialist training with the National Oncoplastic Breast fellowship. The fellowship is restricted by competition to select breast and plastic surgeons each year.

After completing his specialist registrar training, he was appointed as Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust. He also holds the role of professional clinical advisor in surgery to the NHS Breast screening programme. He is a member of the Association of Breast Surgery Clinical Practice and Standards Committee, part of the Board responsible for UK national breast surgery practice standards.


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