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Specialist Fertility Consultant and Fertility Investigations at MUMS

Dr Swati More, Consultant Obstetrician and Fertility specialist, is available to see patients at MUMS.
Dr More works as a Consultant in Obstetrics & Fertility at Heartlands and Solihull Hospitals - University Hospitals Birmingham. She trained in India and the UK and has done a Fertility fellowship at Homerton Hospital, London. She is a member of the British Fertility Society.

Dr More is also trained in psychosexual counselling and had done the Diploma of Institute of Psychosexual Medicine.

Dr More is happy to see women and couples who have had sexual intercourse without birth control who have difficulty in getting pregnant and investigate the reasons to work towards getting pregnant. 

Dr More also specialises in recurring miscarriage investigations

Dr More offers consultations for following conditions:

  • Primary infertility
  • Secondary Infertility
  • Menstrual abnormalities
  • Premature ovarian failure 
  • PCOS and recurrent miscarriage 
  • Psychosexual consultations

Fertility Investigations

Fertility Blood Tests

We offer a vast array of pathology and blood tests to ascertain the root cause of your infertility.

Fertility Scans

We offer a number of different types of fertility scans to include, follicle tracking and endometrial thickness.

Tubal Patency checks

We offer ultrasound and special procedures to check the patency of your fallopian tubes and any blockages.

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