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Urologist Consultations

Each year, the NHS conducts more than 435,000 urology procedures to treat illnesses and diseases of the kidneys, ureter, bladder, prostate, and male reproductive organs. While effective, NHS treatment comes hand-in-hand with long waiting times that could ultimately cause conditions to intensify – especially with the effects of Covid 19.

Here at MUMs, our Consultant Urologist offers urology consultations – here in Solihull, Birmingham - that ensure Urology health conditions can be detected and treated within a short period.

If you have attempted to secure an appointment via the NHS to get to the bottom of an underlying urologic illness, we welcome you to book a private urology appointment at our clinic.

Why Are Urology Check-ups Important?

Urology check-ups are essential as they detect any abnormalities, infections or diseases of the bladder and kidneys. Urology check-ups also monitor health problems that have previously been diagnosed to ensure that they remain manageable.

When urology check-ups are overlooked or delayed, infections and diseases remain undiagnosed. Without appropriate treatment, many health complications arise and significantly impair an individual’s life.

Our Urology Consultations

Here at MUMS, our urology consultations are carried out by a highly experienced Consultant in Urology at our private clinic.  

Offering same-day examinations, ultrasounds and test and diagnostics, we can uncover any health problems and provide a suitable course of treatment.

About Our Urology Consultant

Mr Bhupendra Dev Sarmah is a leading urologist with over 25 years of consultant-grade experience. Mr Sarmah retired from Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (University Hospitals Birmingham) at the end of 2018. Mr Armah returned to the trust in July 2019 to complete part-time work until the lockdown in March 2020. 

Mr Sarmah is a very experienced endo-urologist who also has a specialist interest in treating prostate cancer, benign prostate enlargement (BPH), bladder cancer, kidney stones, minimally invasive vasectomy surgery and vasectomy reversal.

He provides complete management of bladder and prostate cancer from diagnosis to treatment, including radical surgery, offering patients a wide range of treatment options to preserve the quality of life. Mr Sarmah is a proponent of Day Surgery where possible as well as feasible. His one-stop prostate assessment clinic has been very successful in his NHS practice.

At Heartlands Hospital, Mr Sarmah established GreenLight Laser (PVP) for BPH in 2008, upgraded to Moxy fibre in 2013, and is an avid supporter of day cases for this procedure. During the same year, Mr Sarmah took the lead to develop PDD Blue Light Cystoscopy for high-risk bladder cancer patients. 

He started Neobladder reconstruction following radical cystectomy in 2005. Since 2009, he has made advances in continuous anastomosis after open radical prostatectomy improving continence. Simultaneous use of modified TAB blocks means that over 90% of patients who undergo prostatectomy can be discharged within two days. 

Mr Sarmah is dedicated to informing both clinicians and the public of the latest treatments for bladder and prostate cancer and regularly offers talks and seminars within the hospital setting and the community. He has been a regular speaker at the Solihull Prostate cancer support group.

Contact Us For A Private Urology Appointment

If you experience signs and symptoms such as blood in your urine, pain when urinating, difficulty urinating, urinary incontinence, or urinary tract infections, you must book a private urology appointment.

Eliminating the waiting times associated with NHS treatment, private urology treatment guarantees that treatment can be sought almost immediately.

To arrange a private urology appointment at our clinic, book your appointment now by phone or email. Contact us with any other questions you may have.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Urologist is a consultant who deals with diseases of the urinary tract, which includes bladder, kidneys, urethra and ureters. They also deal with the male organs; penis, scrotum, testes and can also examine the prostate.

  • Common problems include: • Frequent UTI infections • Chronic cystitis • Kidney stones • Incontinence • Urinary symptoms – including urinating more often or urine retention • Enlarged prostate • Cancer • Vasectomy pain or reversal • Erectile dysfunction

  • Please call the clinic to speak to a member of the team who will be able to arrange a convenient appointment for you to see our Urologist Mr Bhupendra Dev Sarmah.

  • You will have a 30-minute appointment arranged. The consultant will discuss your symptoms and take your medical history and undertake a physical examination. If you require any further tests, these will be discussed with you. Blood tests can be done on the day. If you require an MRI or CT scan, these can also be arranged for you.

  • A follow up appointment will be arranged for you to receive your results. This can be arranged either face to face or over the phone. Your preferred option will be discussed at your consultation.

  • Just wear comfortable loose clothing so that the examination will be more comfortable for you.

  • You are welcome to bring another person with you to your appointment.

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