Private Antenatal Care, Scans and Births

MUMS (Midlands Ultrasound and Medical Services) in Solihull has provided private antenatal care to women for over 2 decades.

We are a consultant led clinic. Our Team of Fetal Medicine Consultants, Obstetricians, Gynaecologists, Senior Nurse Sonographers, Radiographers and Midwives – supported by Health Care Assistants all provide a wide range of Antenatal care.

We are established, trusted and highly recommended – to support pregnant ladies from early pregnancy to 3rd Trimester to birth and then the postnatal period.

Mr Anoop Rehal is the lead consultant for labour ward at Good Hope Hospital. He is also the lead clinician for multiple pregnancy. His special interests include high-risk obstetrics, multiple pregnancy, and managing medical disorders in pregnancy.

There are no waiting times at MUMS – Consultations and scans have elongated appointments. We offer affordable pricing for all aspects of private antenatal care.

Whether it is an early pregnancy scan, reassurance scan, Gender, Anomaly, Growth and Well Being or a 4D Scan – you can rest assured that you will be cared and supported by a clinical expert who has undergone years of training and who has vast experience.

MUMS offer: