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Private Gender Ultrasound Scan

Available from 15 weeks+

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Gender Scan £85

Private Gender Scan

Gender or sexing ultrasound scans are performed to determine the sex of your baby.

You must be at least 15 weeks pregnant to have a private gender scan near you, at MUMS in Solihull, Birmingham. This is because from 15 weeks of pregnancy the accuracy of a gender scan is around 99%. If upon scan you are less that 15 weeks, we are unable to report the gender of your baby.

As part of the gender scan, we will also check the growth of your baby.

Your scan will be an abdominal scan. If we are unable to see, clear views of the gender of your baby we may send you for a walk to try and change the position of the baby. If we are still unable to determine the gender on the day, we will arrange a repeat appointment for you free of charge.

A Gender Scan includes:

  • 15+ weeks 2D Scan to determine the gender of your baby
  • Assessment of your baby's growth
  • Medical Report
  • USB Stick with images & video/clips
  • Printed Scan Images

You can book a gender scan online or call our friendly team on 0121 704 2669 or send us an enquiry.

A gender scan costs £85.00

Gender for Twins scans cost £120.00

We also offer NIPT testing which can reveal the gender – when screening for chromosome abnormalities.

We also offer prenatal DNA tests to confirm the father of the baby which also reveals gender.

At MUMS we offer the following private antenatal scans:

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