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Gender Scan

Available from 15 weeks+

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Gender Scan

Gender or sexing ultrasound scans are performed to determine the sex of your baby.

The best time to have this scan is from 15 weeks of pregnancy and is about 99% accurate.

Determining the gender is always routinely offered at any other scan at MUMS after 15 weeks .However if you do not want to know the gender at the time of other scans just let us know and we will hide it from you.

As part of the gender scan we will also check the growth of your baby.

Your scan will be an abdominal scan. If we are unable to see clear views of the gender of your baby we may send you for a walk to try and change the position of the baby. If we are still unable to determine the gender on the day, we will arrange a repeat appointment for you free of charge.


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Gender Scan £80