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Private Births & Private Midwifery Clinic

Customise the experience for you


Private OBS USS and Antenatal Consultation £400
Private Delivery including upto a 3 night hospital stay and follow up £17,000
Private Antenatal care/postnatal care to include all scans and pathology and bloods and all consultations and emsella pelvic floor strengthening £5,500

Private Births

Mr Anoop Rehal - MUMS, Solihull

Outside of London, MUMS Solihull (Midlands Ultrasound and Medical Services) is the only provider of private births/private deliveries - in the UK.

As a MUMS private delivery patient, you have constant contact with Mr Rehal and his dedicated midwives. The service is bespoke, tailored, and personalised.

We are proud to have Mr Anoop Rehal, Fetal Medicine Consultant at MUMS. Mr Rehal trained at Kings College Hospital and is highly experienced in caring for low and high-risk pregnancies. His special interests include high-risk pregnancies, multiple pregnancy, and managing medical disorders in pregnancy.

He provides private antenatal care and private deliveries at MUMS. Anoop and the team are fully committed to providing a caring and safe experience for you and your baby which is tailored according to your needs.

During the antenatal period you will be seen regularly at MUMS for a detailed consultation and ultrasound scan. This is followed by a midwifery consultation focusing on pregnancy health promotion, education, and baby care. We only perform planned deliveries of Caesarean Section and Induction of Labour. During the delivery process we use the NHS facilities at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital and Good Hope Hospital with the support of the hospital staff. Our presence during labour is complimented with hospital midwifes so you will always have someone with you. Mr Rehal will deliver the baby, whom you will have built a relationship with during your appointments with him at MUMS. 

Following delivery – You will be visited by MUMS Midwife Lara, in hospital for 2 hours, and a 1-hour home visit -together with telephone support for 28 days. You will be offered Emsella treatment and MUMMY MOT, provided by MUMS specialist women’s physiotherapist – Miriam Green. Miriam will assess you postnatally and look at your musculoskeletal, abdominal, and Pelvic floor function. She uses Point of Care Ultrasound to give a greater depth of assessment and guidance. She will then tailor an exercise plan utilising Pilates based exercises to expedite your recovery.

What happens if Anoop is away from the hospital or MUMS?

Anoop can always be contacted through MUMS during office hours. If you are having full private care, you will have access to his mobile number for out-of-hours emergencies.

What is the cost?

The cost of the Private Delivery is £17,000. You can choose to have ad-hoc Private Scans and Consultations during your pregnancy, which costs £400.

Alternatively, you may choose to purchase our package of antenatal and postnatal care which costs £5,500 and includes all the necessary blood tests, scans, consultations, and aftercare. 

You and your baby remain entitled to NHS care even in cases where there is a need for intensive or high dependency care. 

What is the accommodation at the hospital?

You can expect your own room with private bathroom facilities. On rare occasion this may not be possible due to the unpredictability of NHS emergencies.

How do I arrange an appointment?

If you wish to discuss private care, please contact the Practice on 0121 704 2669 or email NO REFERRAL IS NECESSARY FROM YOUR GP.

We can liaise with all your NHS providers to inform them of your choice etc if you so wish. You are encouraged to maintain contact with your NHS community midwife.

For more information, please view our Private Delivery Brochure here.

What are the advantages of using MUMS?

Most of the time the NHS provides good care during pregnancy and delivery. However, sometimes the care cannot fully facilitate or meet your requirements. These requirements may be to have a consultant you know and trust delivering your baby or facilitating your chosen form of delivery. You will have full 24-hour access, 7 days a week to Anoop to discuss concerns or worries no matter how small they may appear. We offer an array of complimentary services in-house to include: