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MUMS clinic in the heart of Solihull offers a range of specialist services. The contraception service is provided by Dr Jaffer who is a consultant gynaecologist based at University Hospital.  She has over 30 years experience in leading the contraceptive services in Birmingham. Her vast knowledge, experience and expertise in contraception is now available to patients at the MUMS clinic.

Dr Jaffer’s appointments are easy to access and do not need a GP referral. The clinic is designed to allow easy, discreet and confidential service when you need it. There is provision to access emergency contraception and urgent telephone consultation with Dr Jaffer from your residence. There are no waiting times as in the NHS. With NHS services coming under such pressure, this service is much valued by the patients.

Dr Jaffer is an expert at insertion and removal of contraceptive coils in complex patients. She has huge experience in insertion and removal of deep-seated implants.

MUMS, in the heart of Solihull –offers a personalised and bespoke contraceptive clinic to include:

Removal and Fitting of Coils

Removal and Fitting of Implants

Hormonal contraception, pills, patches and rings.

Emergency contraception

Contraceptive Injection

We are committed to improving women’s health and offer contraceptive advice and treatment or advice on pre-conception matters. Our contraceptive clinic is designed to offer ease of access, discreet and professional services where and when you need it. There are no waiting times and you do not need a referral from your NHS GP.

Dr Jaffer provides expert care and advice and provides an initial telephone or face to face consultation for coils, implants and injection appointments.

We offer face to face and remote consultations.

Consultations with our Gynaecologist for Contraceptive Services cost £90.00

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Contraceptive Consultation Face to Face £90
Contraceptive Consultation Remote £90