Female contraception – the pill, patches, and rings.

See a GP or Gynaecologist at MUMS


GP Consultation  £100
Gynaecology Consultation  £230
Repeat Prescription £10

MUMS GPs and Gynaecologists offer this service six days per week.

MUMS Private GPs and Gynaecologists offer face to face consultations to discuss contraception to include pills, patches, and rings in addition to MUMS contraceptive services for coils, implants, and injections.

GP Consultations cost £100.00

Gynaecology consultations cost £230.00

There are no extra charges for prescriptions. Repeat prescriptions cost £10.00 

PILLS - Hormonal

Combined Hormonal Contraception (CHC) The pill

The pill: It contains two types of hormones, Oestrogen and Progestogen and works by preventing ovulation. It is available in different forms; the pill, the patch, and the ring (as described below).

Combined Oral Contraception (COC) – A pill is taken daily for 21 days followed by a 7-day break.

Progestogen only Pill (POP) – containing only the Progestogen hormone, a pill is taken every day (with no break). It acts by preventing ovulation, thickening cervical mucus, and thinning the lining of the womb.


Combined Transdermal Patch (CTP) – This is a patch applied to the skin (like a plaster). One patch every week for 3 weeks and nothing for the fourth week.


Combined Vaginal Ring (CVR) – This is a small flexible ring that is inserted in the vagina and left there for 3 weeks. After this time, it is removed for 7 days, and a new ring is inserted on the eighth day.

We offer consultations 6 days per week. There are no waiting times and you do not need to de-register from your NHS GP. Neither do you need a referral.

We have ample on-site parking

Booking is easy – you can book a GP or Gynaecologist appointment online or you can call us on 0121 704 2669.

MUMS clinic in the heart of Solihull offers a range of specialist services. 

The contraception service is provided by MUMS Consultant Gynaecoligists, and Dr Rebecca Ede – Female GP with a special interest in contraceptive services and women’s health and Dr Sriram – Male GP – skilled in the insertion of Implants.

The clinic is designed to allow easy, discreet, and confidential service when you need it. There are no waiting times as in the NHS. With NHS services coming under such pressure, this service is much valued by the patients.