Early CDT Lung Test

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You should consider a Lung Health Screen if you have any of the following risk factors:

You are a heavy smoker, especially of cigarettes, cigars, shisha and marijuana

Prolonged exposure to second-hand smoking

  • You have close relatives who have or previously had lung cancer
  • Exposure to radon, asbestos, coal products and/or radioactive substances
  • Exposure to chemicals such is arsenic, vinyl chloride, and other carcinogens
  • Diagnosis of tuberculosis, silicosis and/or berylliosis with or without scarring on the lungs
  • Recurring pneumonia or bronchitis


The EarlyCDT®-Lung is a simple blood test to aid in the risk assessment and early detection of lung cancer. This test detects circulating antibodies against the cancer cells in the blood. Antibodies can be detected well before patient become symptomatic. The turnaround time for results is approximately 10 days.
EarlyCDT-Lung has been developed so that individuals at moderate or high risk of developing lung cancer have more chance to benefit from detection at the earliest possible stages when treatment can be most successful.

There are three possible test results; High Level, Moderate Level and Low Level.

A consultation with the GP costs £95.00.

You can opt to see our Phlebotomist to have this test for £25.00. If the results are abnormal you will need to see our GP to review the results.


Early CDT Lung Cancer Test £182.00*

* Performed within a GP consultation (£95) or Phlebotomist Appointment (£25)