Private Cholesterol Testing (Lipids)


Cholesterol test £40
HDL Cholesterol test £33
VLDL Cholesterol test  £65

In the blood, cholesterol is a fatty substance. The levels can be checked with a quick blood test at MUMS. Turnaround times for results are rapid.

Triglycerides are a different kind of blood fat that MUMS can also measure. To evaluate the condition of your heart, a cholesterol test can be used in conjunction with other quick examinations.

You can have a cholesterol check with our Phlebotomist, GP or Cardiologist.

Cholesterol Checks at MUMS

Cholesterol Check £40.00

HDL Cholesterol £33.00
The "good" cholesterol known as HDL (high-density lipoprotein) absorbs cholesterol and transports it back to the liver. The liver is responsible for removing it from your body. Your risk of heart disease and stroke can be decreased if you have high levels of HDL cholesterol. You can make some lifestyle changes to increase this good cholesterol. Examples are exercising, refraining from smoking and also eating a healthier diet. However, until you know what your levels are – you may not be prompted to make these important lifestyle changes.

VLDL Cholesterol £65.00
A condition called atherosclerosis, caused by the accumulation of VLDL cholesterol, can obstruct the arteries. Doctors can assess a patient's risk of heart disease and stroke using the level of VLDL cholesterol in their blood. VLDL is an abbreviation for very low density lipoprotein. Unlike HDL – this is bad cholesterol which builds up on artery walls.

A simple blood test at MUMS can test you to assess your heart disease risk by looking at the range to see if your range is abnormal which can indicate heart disease and risk of stroke.