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Genetic Testing of Products of Conception following miscarriage

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Genetic Testing of Products of Conception following miscarriage

MUMS offer a service to women who miscarry a pregnancy up to 12 weeks - the opportunity to have the products of conception analysed, whether the miscarriage happens at home, in hospital or at MUMS. The tissue can be brought to MUMS in a sterile container.

The NHS offers this service but only after 3 miscarriages. Many women want to understand if there was anything wrong with the chromosomes of the baby after the first and second miscarriage. MUMS offer this service regardless of the number of previous miscarriages and even if it is the first miscarriage.

The cost is £450.00, and the turnaround time is 4 weeks for results.

We ask that you keep the tissue in a sterile, leak proof container and kept refrigerated until such time as you can bring it to MUMS.

We will package and label the tissue and send it to our partner laboratory in London for Genetic testing. We will ask for your consent regarding disposal of the tissue following laboratory analysis. You have the option of having the tissue returned to you or sensitive incinerated at the laboratory.

We will share the results with you, and you will be offered a Free of Charge Consultation with our Consultant Gynaecologist to have them explained to you and the options you have – for example – parental chromosome testing, investigations for recurrent miscarriage etc.

Genetic testing is a commonly requested investigation where parents want the products of conception/tissue analysing to reveal as to whether there is an explanation for the miscarriage.

The laboratory are experts in karyotyping and chromosome analysis. They do this to ascertain as to whether your baby was affected by a genetic abnormality or will confirm that the pregnancy was unaffected by chromosome abnormality – i.e. – normal chromosomes.

MUMS will advise on the result if it shows there was a chromosome abnormality as parental chromosome testing may also provide much needed answers and additional information.

It is reassuring to know that despite miscarriage, chromosome abnormalities or affected parental karyotyping – many couples go on to have successful unaffected pregnancies in the future.

We urge all patients to bring samples directly to MUMS Clinic so that we can ensure that it is delivered to the laboratory successfully. If you attempt to send a sample of this type via courier you must ensure that the courier you select are able to send the sample type, and can ensure that it is delivered the same day.

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Genetic Testing of Products of Conception  £450.00