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Vitamin D Blood Test

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Vitamin D (25 OH) £140.00
1 25 Vitamin D £175.00

MUMS offer Vitamin D Testing.

Blood Testing at MUMS in Solihull

Vitamin D Tests

Vitamin D ( 25 OH) £140.00

Vitamin D 1,25 £175.00

You can choose to have any of our Vitamin D tests in a simple phlebotomy appointment which costs £30.00 plus the cost of the test. However, we recommend you choose a £100.00 GP Consultation appointment to ensure that the most appropriate Vitamin D Test for you is performed. If you are not sure which Vitamin D Test to have we recommend a GP Consultation.

If you opt for a GP Consultation in the first instance – in which to have your Vitamin D Test – you will receive a free of charge follow up call to have your results explained to you.

When should you have a vitamin D test?

Talk to MUMS Private GPs about your risks. Here are some conditions where you might need a Vitamin D test:

  • You may have Osteoporosis which weakens bones and make them break easily.
  • You may have a particular disease which affects the way your body uses Vitamin D.
  • You may have a digestive disorder.
  • You may have inflammatory bowel disease. IBS
  • You may have kidney disease
  • You may have Liver Disease.
  • You may have Pancreatitis

If your risk is high, you should get tested for Vitamin D to ensure your levels of Vitamin D are at optimum levels.

People who are at higher risk of low vitamin D levels or a deficiency in Vitamin D are often those who use regular sunscreens, keep covered up, have darker skin, and rarely expose themselves to sunlight.

We can consume rich Vitamin D foods such as oily fish, but sun exposure is far more effective.

People with low vitamin D levels are often low in mood, complaint of weak muscles and tend to be poorly often.

It is important to understand your Vitamin D levels and that is why at MUMS we offer the testing for Vitamin D. Testing early for Vitamin D levels at MUMS is recommended early as low vitamin D levels are common and if not known your immune system could be affected.

If your Vitamin D levels are low – you may feel like you have flu type symptoms, and/or are constipated. Your gums may be affected.

People who spend a lot of time in doors, are house bound, limit sun exposure are at risk of not making enough Vitamin D for their bodies.

If MUMS do discover you have a vitamin D deficiency – our Private GPs can treat this.

You can call us on 0121 704 2669 or book online or send us an enquiry.

We offer Vitamin D Testing 6 days a week. We have ample parking and great reviews.