Diabetes HbA1C


Diabetes HbA1C Test  £65.00


Diabetes Blood Testing

Diabetes HbA1C Test £65.00

Diabetes HbA1C Testcombined with GP Consultation £165.00.

Diabetes HbA1C Test in a simple phlebotomy appointment £90.00

We recommend a GP Consultation to ensure that this is the most appropriate test for you.

If you opt for a consultation in which to have the test then you will be followed up with a telephone consultation to have the results explained to you.

The turnaround time for the results getting back to MUMS is 24 hours.

If you opt for a phlebotomy appointment in which to have the test – then you will need to book a remote consultation to have the results of the test explained to you.

This test measures the level of sugar in our red blood cells, with results given as a percentage. As red blood cells have a life of around 3 months, this test shows the average blood sugar over the last few months and is therefore not affected by short-term dietary changes.

It is currently regarded as the ‘gold standard’ for diagnosing diabetes (type 2), identifying those at risk of diabetes (pre-diabetes) and for monitoring sugar control in those with known diabetes. 

The test is suitable for the vast majority of people, but those with a different type of haemoglobin (Hb variant) in their blood, may need a different test, such as our Glucose Tolerance Test or Fasting glucose.