PSA – Prostate Cancer Test

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MUMS offer the PSA test to help in diagnosing cancer of the prostate. This test measures the level of prostate specific antigen ( PSA ) in your blood.

PSA is a protein made only by the prostate gland. Some of it leaks into your blood, but how much depends on your age and the health of your prostate.

There's currently no national screening programme for prostate cancer in the UK because the PSA test is not always accurate. This is because it has not been proved that the benefits would outweigh the risks. Instead of a national screening programme, there is an informed choice programme, called prostate cancer risk management, for healthy men aged 50 or over who ask their GP about PSA testing. It aims to give men good information on the pros and cons of a PSA test.

MUMS Private GPs, Urology Consultants and Phlebotomists offer this test. Our GP Consultations are £95.00 and our Urology Consultant appointments are £230.00.

You can opt to see our Phlebotomist to have this test for £25.00. If the results are abnormal you will need to see our GP or Urology Consultant to review the results.

You have a higher risk of prostate cancer if you:

  • have a family history of prostate cancer
  • are of black ethnic origin
  • are overweight or obese


The amount of PSA in your blood is measured in nanograms of PSA per millilitre of blood (ng/ml).

If you're aged 50 to 69, raised PSA is 3ng/ml or higher.

A raised PSA level in your blood may be a sign of prostate cancer, but it can also be a sign of another condition that's not cancer, such as an enlarged prostate or inflammation of the prostate or even a urine infection.

About 3 in 4 men with a raised PSA level will not have cancer.

The benefits of having a simple prostate test are – reassurance, early detection and risk reduction.

If you decide to have this test which costs £120 for the complex PSA or £120.00 for Total and Free PSA you should refrain from ejaculation 48 hours before the test, exercise and be free from infections such as a urine infection.

If you're a man aged 50 or over and decide to have your PSA levels tested you can have this at MUMS.


Complex PSA £120.00
Total and Free PSA £120.00

* Performed within a GP consultation (£95) or Urologist consultation (£230) or Phlebotomist Appointment (£25)