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Hepatitis A Immunity


Hepatitis A Immunity (IgG/IgM) £75.00


MUMS offer Hepatitis A Immunity testing daily

Blood Testing at MUMS in Solihull

MUMS Hepatitis A Immunity costs £75.00

MUMS Private GPs, Sexual Health Consultants and Phlebotomists offer Hepatitis A Immunity Testing 6 days a week.

A Hepatitis A Immunity test with MUMS phlebotomist costs £30.00 + £75.00 for the test. Results will be emailed to you.

A Hepatitis A Immunity test with MUMS Sexual Health Consultant costs £150.00 for the consultation and £75.00 for the test. You will receive a free of charge follow up call to have the results explained to you.

The Hepatitis A Immunity IgG/IgM test is a blood test to ascertain as to the presence of Hepatitis specific antibodies in your blood. A negative result means you do not have immunity to the Hep A infection. If the result is positive, it shows you have either been vaccinated, had Hepatitis A in the past or are currently infected. Our sexual health consultant will recommend the Hepatitis A Antibody test – IgM to see if you are currently infected.

Hep A Virus referred to as HAV is a viral infection. Hep A can cause inflammation and problematic livers. It can last for months, and it can cause liver failure.

If our sexual health consultant suspects you have viral hepatitis A, she will offer you Hepatitis A immunity IgM and IgG and maybe a liver function test.

Your history will be taken about Hep A infection, where you were born, if you have ever been a drug injector, your sexual health history and contact with Hep A infected people. You will be asked if you are HIV positive.

For more information about Hepatitis A Testing and our other sexually transmitted disease tests – visit this link

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You do not need a referral from your NHS GP.

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