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Private Sickle Cell Blood Test


Sickle Cell Blood Test £120.00

Sickle Cell Blood Testing

Blood Testing at MUMS in SolihullMums offer the Sickle Cell Blood Test. The cost is £120.00

Sickle Cell Blood Test combined with GP Consultation £220.00.

Sickle Cell Blood Test in a simple phlebotomy appointment £150.00

We recommend a GP Consultation to ensure that this is the most appropriate test for you.

If you opt for a consultation in which to have the test then you will be followed up with a telephone consultation to have the results explained to you.

If you choose phlebotomy only you will need a consultation to have the results explained to you which is why we recommend a GP consultation in the first instance – as our consultations include FOC follow up by telephone where a test is initiated.

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is an inherited blood disorder.

If you're a carrier of the sickle cell you can pass health conditions on to your baby.

Those at high risk of being a sickle cell carrier should test for sickle cell.

If the mother is found to be a carrier, screening should also be offered to the father. 

This test should be offered before you're 10 weeks pregnant. It's important the test is done early.

If you find out you're a carrier, you and your partner will have the option of further tests to know if your baby will be affected.

Sickle cell disease affects haemoglobin, a part of the blood that carries oxygen around the body.

People with sickle cell:

  • can have episodes of very severe pain

  • can get serious life-threatening infections

  • are usually anaemic (their bodies have difficulty carrying oxygen)

Babies with sickle cell disease can receive early treatment, including vaccinations and antibiotics.

It's best to have the test before you're 10 weeks pregnant.

By having the test early, you and your partner can find out about all your options and make an informed decision if your baby is at risk of inheriting a blood disorder.

You can ask to have the test even if your family origins do not suggest the baby would be at high risk of a haemoglobin disease.

The test will tell you if you're a carrier or not, or whether you have the disease yourself.

You'll get the result of the blood test within 3-4 days.