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Oestradiol - Blood Test


Oestradiol Test £69.00


MUMS offer Oestradiol blood testing.

The cost is £90.00 for the test. If you wish to have this test with one of our HCAs the cost for the phlebotomy only is £30.00

If you wish to have this with a GP consultation the cost is £100.00

You may wish to have this test with our Consultant Gynaecologist within a £235.00 Consultation

Oestradiol is a hormone and is the main oestrogen found in women and has many functions, although it mainly acts to mature and maintain the female reproductive system.

In premenopausal women, oestradiol is mostly made by the ovaries. Oestradiol levels vary throughout the monthly menstrual cycle, being highest at ovulation and lowest at menstruation. Oestradiol levels in women reduce slowly with age, with a large decrease occurring at the menopause when the ovaries ‘switch off’.

Men also produce oestradiol, however, the amounts produced are much lower than in women.

A test of your Oestradiol level can help MUMS clinicians determine if you're preparing to enter menopause or you're already going through the transition. The Oestradiol test can also indicate how well the ovaries are working. MUMS GPs and Consultants may order this test as part of ovarian cancer screening diagnostis.

The turnaround time for the results getting back to MUMS is 24 hours.

If you opt for a consultation in which to have the test then you will be followed up with a telephone consultation to have the results explained to you.

If you opt for a HCA appointment in which to have the test – then you will need to book a consultation to have the results of the test explained to you.