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Private Progesterone Blood Test

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Progesterone Test £90.00


MUMS Offer Progesterone Testing

Blood Testing at MUMS in SolihullA progesterone test costs £90.00

A progesterone test with a Health Care Assistant costs £120.00

A progesterone test with a Consultant Gynaecologist costs £320.00

If you choose to have the test with the HCA you will need to have a consultation with the Gynaecologist to have the results explained to you. We will share the copy of the result with you – in case you want the test independently of treatment at MUMS.

What is a progesterone test?

It is a test to measure progesterone levels in the blood. The ovaries make Progesterone which is a hormone. In pregnancy – progesterone is particularly important. A woman’s cycle has very different progesterone levels, dependent upon the time of the month. At the beginning of the month, progesterone levels are low and begin to increase once an egg is released by the ovaries. Pregnant women’s progesterone levels rise continually. If an egg is not fertilised the progesterone levels decrease, and a menstrual period begins.

Pregnant women’s progesterone levels are far higher than those in women who are not pregnant.

Men too have smaller amounts of progesterone.

At MUMS – we offer progesterone level testing – 6 days a week.  There is no preparation for a private progesterone test.

What is it used for?

A progesterone test is used to:

  • Find the cause of a woman's infertility (the inability to make a baby)
  • Find out if and when you are ovulating
  • Find out your risk of a miscarriage
  • Monitor a high-risk pregnancy
  • Diagnose an ectopic pregnancy, a pregnancy that grows in the wrong place (outside the uterus). A developing baby can't survive an ectopic pregnancy. This condition is dangerous, and sometimes life-threatening, for a woman.

Why do I need a progesterone test?

If you are having difficulty in becoming pregnant, then MUMS Consultant Gynaecologists and/or Fertility Consultants may request a progesterone level test to understand if you are ovulating normally.

MUMS Gynaecologists and Fertility experts may recommend a progesterone test if you are at risk for miscarriage or other pregnancy complications.

What do the results mean?

If your progesterone levels are higher than normal, it may mean you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have a cyst on your ovaries
  • Have a molar pregnancy, a growth in the abdomen that causes symptoms of pregnancy
  • Have a disorder of the adrenal glands
  • Have ovarian cancer

Your progesterone levels may be even higher if you are pregnant with two or more babies.

If your progesterone levels are lower than normal, it may mean you:

  • Have an ectopic pregnancy
  • Had a miscarriage
  • Are not ovulating normally, which can cause fertility problems

Because progesterone levels change throughout your pregnancy and menstrual cycle, you may need to be retested several times.

You do not need a referral to have a progesterone test at MUMS. Results are rapid. We have free on-site parking and great reviews.

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