Private Testosterone Testing


Testosterone test £70.00
Testosterone FREE test  £101.00


MUMS Offer Testosterone Testing

MUMS Testosterone Blood Test costs £70.00 and

Testosterone FREE Levels Blood Test costs £101.00

You can choose to have any of our Testosterone Tests in a simple phlebotomy appointment which costs £25.00 plus the cost of the test.

However, we recommend you choose a £100.00 GP Consultation appointment to ensure that the most appropriate Testosterone test for you is performed. If you opt for a consultation in which to have the test, then you will be followed up with a free of charge telephone consultation to have the results explained to you.

The turnaround time for the results getting back to MUMS is 24 hours.

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in males. However, women too – have testosterone hormone levels – just in smaller amounts than men.

At MUMS – our GPs and Consultants order testosterone blood levels to measure your individual levels.

Most of the testosterone in the blood is attached to proteins. Where the testosterone is not attached – we call it free testosterone.

Testosterone level types

  • Total testosterone, this measures both the attached and free testosterone.
  • Free testosterone, which measures just free testosterone. Free testosterone can give MUMS Clinicians more information about certain medical conditions.

Testosterone levels that are too low (low T) or too high (high T) can cause health problems in both men and women.

Our Private GPs and Consultant Urologist regularly test Testosterone.

Testing the levels of testosterone in your blood – is to assist a clinician in diagnosing different conditions to include:

MUMS Private GPs, Consultant Gynaecologists, Consultant Urologist, Fertility Specialist and Sexual Health Consultants will want to know your testosterone levels when diagnosing certain conditions.

If the doctor who is treating you at MUMS – thinks your levels may be too low or too high – they will test you and treat you.

Low levels of testosterone in men can affect sex drive, cause erectile dysfunction, cause breast tissue development, affect fertility, cause hair loss etc .

High levels of testosterone in women experience excess hair growth – face and body, voice deepening, menstrual period irregularities, cause acne and weight gain.

MUMS Private GPs and Specialist Consultants can treat low and high levels of testosterone which includes prescribing testosterone when clinically appropriate to do so.

At MUMS, our aim is to diagnose quickly and treat early to ensure the best outcomes for you.

We will continue to monitor your thyroid levels throughout the medication regime.

We will finetune your treatment so that we can get you feeling normal again.

Call MUMS today on 0121 704 2669 for a private Testosterone Level Check.

You do not need a referral from your NHS GP.

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