Ultrasound Scan of the Scrotum

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Scrotal Ultrasound £200

Ultrasound Scan of the Scrotum

At MUMS we offer scrotal ultrasound to patients aged 16 and over. 

MUMS radiographers, sonographers and Consultant Urologist offer scrotal ultrasound scans. This diagnostic is safe, non-invasive, and reliable. The procedure takes around 30 minutes. Using ultrasound to assess the scrotal area helps clinicians identify conditions before they become serious or unmanageable. 

A testicular ultrasound is the primary imaging method used to observe and diagnose abnormalities in the testicles. Ultrasound can:

  • verify whether a lump in your scrotum or testicles is solid, which indicates a tumour, or filled with fluid, which indicates a cyst
  • determine the outcome of trauma to your scrotum
  • evaluate for possible testicular torsion, which is a twisted testicle - This is a medical emergency and if suspected should be referred direct to A&E
  • identify sources of pain or swelling in your testicles
  • detect for and evaluate varicoceles, which are varicose spermatic veins
  • assess the causes of infertility
  • find the location of an undescended testicle

There is no need for a referral – you can self-refer for peace of mind. 

You will be asked to attend with a full bladder.

Our chaperone assistants will provide you with modesty drapes for your dignity. Gel is used to glide the transducer and pictures and measurements of the scrotal area are taken by the clinician.

You will be given a detailed report that you can give to your referring clinician and a copy will be in your MUMS electronic medical record should you wish to consult with any of MUMS clinicians. Any findings reported by MUMS sonographers – need to be interpreted and explained to you by a qualified doctor or consultant – either at MUMS, within the NHS or privately elsewhere.

There are no waiting times at MUMS. We offer scrotal ultrasound most days of week.

The cost of Scrotal Ultrasound is £200.00

You can call us on 0121 704 2669 to book or you can make an enquiry on our website. You can even book and pay online.

MUMS has been offering ultrasound for two decades – offering affordable ultrasound for rapid diagnosis using the most experienced clinicians.

We have great review and ample parking on site and are just a 10 minute walk from Solihull station and just two minutes from junction 5 of the M42.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, you do not need a referral, you can just book in for a scan. We will provide you with a full report at the end of the scan and you can forward a copy to your GP as well.

  • We will ask you to not eat or drink anything after 9pm the night before the scan, except for water. If you have a full abdominal scan, it is good to drink water as we can measure your bladder before and after emptying to make sure there is no urine retention.

  • You get the results immediately after the scan, we email you a copy of the report and we can give you a printed copy for your GP as well.