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The cost of Creatinine test is £40.00.

A Creatinine test with a Healthcare Assistant appointment is £65

A Creatinine test with a GP Consultation is £125

Creatinine is a waste product that forms when creatine, which is found in your muscle, breaks down. Creatinine levels in the blood can provide valuable information about how well your kidneys are working. High levels of creatinine may indicate that your kidney is damaged and not working properly.

At MUMS our HCAs can test your creatinine levels.

If you choose to have your Creatinine levels with our HCAs and the result returns abnormal you will need a consultation with our Private GP to have the results explained to you.

It is for this reason that we recommend you have a Private GP Consultation in the first instance to ensure Creatinine is the most appropriate test for you. Once the result is back the GP will contact you to explain your creatinine levels.

There are other kidney function tests that may be appropriate for you. We also offer renal ultrasound scans.

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Creatinine with HCA Appointment £65.00
Creatinine with GP Consultation £125.00