Thyroid Function Test

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The thyroid is a gland that produces hormones to keep our body running smoothly. If there is an imbalance in there hormones, this can cause non-specific symptoms such as weight gain/loss, low mood/anxiety, diarrhoea/constipation. Our blood test can measure the level of the hormones and our Doctors will be happy to discuss the results with you.

Thyroid Profiles

Thyroid Profile 1 - FT4/TSH £95

Thyroid Profile 2 - T4/TSH/Thyroglobulin Abs/Thyroid Peroxidase £180

Thyroid Profile 3 - FT3/FT4/TSH £100

The thyroid panel uses a blood sample to evaluate the functioning of the thyroid gland. A thyroid panel can help diagnose and monitor the treatment of thyroid disorders. As a panel test, the thyroid panel includes multiple measurements that can provide a detailed understanding of how well the thyroid gland is working.

You can chose to have any of our Thyroid tests in a simple phlebotomy appointment which costs £25.00 plus the cost of the test. However we recommend you choose a £95.00 GP Consultation appointment to ensure that the most appropriate Thyroid Test for you is performed.


Thyroid Function Test £70.00
Thyroid Profile 1 £95.00
Thyroid Profile 2 £180.00
Thyroid Profile 3 £100.00