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Urine Test / UTI Testing


Urine Microscopy and Culture Test £90.00



MUMS Offer Private Urine Testing

At MUMS our Health Care Assistants, Nurses and Private GPs – test urine.

We do this to find and identify germs that can cause urine infections, often referred to as urinary tract infections or UTIs.

Bacteria - which cause infections in the urine - can enter the urinary tract through the urethra.

This bacteria grows rapidly and an infection develops.

The cost of a urine microscopy and culture test is £90.00

You can bring a sample in any day if you think you may have an infection. Our opening hours are 8am till 5pm. Our HCA will complete the Laboratory Form for you.

If the test result is abnormal you will need a consultation with the GP to discuss the result which costs £100.00

If you choose to have your urine tested within a GP Consultation this will cost £100.00 plus the cost of the test and your follow up and explanation of the results if free of charge and can be dealt with by a phone call.

We can also test the urine on site before we send it to the lab to analyse.

The test looks for an infection and specifies which antibiotics the bacteria/infection is either resistant to or sensitive to – which enables the correct antibiotics to be prescribed.

You may wish to consult with our Consultant Urologist or Consultant Gynaecologist if you are experiencing recurrent urine infections.