AMH Testing - Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test

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MUMS offer AMH Testing – Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test.

AMH Testing, the cost is £100.00

AMH Test with a Health Care Assistant £125

AMH Test with a Consultant (Fertility or Gynaecology) £325

You can choose to have your AMH Tested with our Health Care Assistants in a Phlebotomy appointment but will need a consultation with our GPs, Gynaecologist or Fertility Expert to have the results explained to you. We recommend you have a consultation in the first instance and the results explained to you free of charge.

At MUMS we test your AMH levels as part of our fertility investigations with Miss Swati More who is an expert in measuring AMH and what it means for you.

Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) is a substance made by the ovarian follicle that contains the egg, and your AMH levels can help MUMS identify the best course of treatment for you.  AMH levels will naturally decline with age. It can be measured on any day of your cycle and it does not vary from month to month.


Normal levels of AMH

 Age Range

 AMH (pmol/l)

 20 - 29 years

 13.1 - 53.8

 30 - 34 years

 6.8 - 47.8

 35 - 39 years

 5.5 - 37.4

 40 - 44 years

 0.7 - 21.2

 45 - 50 years

 0.3 - 14.7


If your result comes back with a very low blood AMH level, this typically means you don’t have many available eggs. In this instance the chances of success through traditional IVF would be reduced because response to ovarian stimulation will likely be poor. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. A very low AMH result it just means there aren’t lots of eggs. It doesn’t mean the ones you have aren’t good enough quality for pregnancy. 

If your blood shows a very high AMH level – above optimum levels - it means you have lots of follicles and this potentially puts you at risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), which is when you produce too many mature eggs. 


AMH Test with HCA Appointment £125.00
AMH Test with Specialist Consultation £325.00