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AMH Testing - Anti-Mullerian Hormone Blood Test

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AMH Test  £110.00


MUMS offer Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Testing

Blood Testing at MUMS in SolihullAnti-Mullerian Hormone Test, this test is often referred to as an AMH blood test.

  • AMH Test costs £110.00
  • AMH Test with a Health Care Assistant £140
  • AMH Test with a Consultant (Fertility or Gynaecology) inc. consultation £345
  • AMH Test with a GP including consultation £210.00

You can choose to have your AMH blood test with our Health Care Assistants in a Phlebotomy appointment but will need a consultation with our GPs, Gynaecologist or Fertility Expert to have the results explained to you. We recommend you have a consultation in the first instance and the results explained to you free of charge.

About AMH and your AMH Levels

At MUMS we test your AMH levels as part of our fertility investigations with Miss Swati More who is an expert in measuring AMH and what it means for you. Our gynaecologist, Miss Poonam Pradhan who is in popular demand – offers a wide range of gynaecological tests and diagnostics, including hormone blood tests as part of her gynaecological investigations. We also offer gynaecological ultrasound scanning.

Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) is a substance made by the ovarian follicle that contains the egg, and your AMH levels can help MUMS identify the best course of treatment for you. 

As you age – your AMH levels will decline. We can test your AMH on any day of your menstrual cycle.

Normal levels of AMH

 Age Range

 AMH (pmol/l)

 20 - 29 years

 13.1 - 53.8

 30 - 34 years

 6.8 - 47.8

 35 - 39 years

 5.5 - 37.4

 40 - 44 years

 0.7 - 21.2

 45 - 50 years

 0.3 - 14.7


When your results arrive – if the result is low – it usually means you do not have many eggs available.

However – it doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. A very low AMH result it just means there aren’t lots of eggs. It doesn’t mean the ones you have aren’t good enough quality for pregnancy. 

If your AMH result is high – this means that there are lots of follicles - and this potentially puts you at risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), which is when you produce too many mature eggs. 

Hormone imbalance tests are offered 6 days a week at MUMS. Our private hormone testing is easy to access, and results are rapid.

We offer a wide range of hormone blood tests. We also offer many clusters of hormone blood tests which are value for money and provide a much wider range of results for speedier diagnosis.

We have ample parking, and you can book online or call us on 0121 704 2669.

You do not need a referral from your GP or Consultant in which to have a hormone blood test, private hormone test, AMH blood test at MUMS.