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At MUMS our Menopause investigations and treatment is led by Miss Poonam Pradhan – Consultant Gynaecologist.  You will have an unrushed, indepth comprehensive consultation. This holistic check covers many aspects of your health to ascertain as to whether you are peri menopausal, menopausal or post menopausal.

The menopause is the time when a woman stops having periods, and she is no longer able to get pregnant. It’s common to have symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and mood changes when you go through the menopause.

Menopause is a natural stage of life. The average age for women to reach the menopause in the UK is 51, but this can vary widely.

Consultations cost £230.00

What is included?

  • Comprehensive Consultation with a Gynaecologist
  • Full Medical History
  • Life Style Assessment
  • Blood Pressure and Pulse
  • Ovarian Scan if required
  • Advice on Self breast exam
  • Mood Assessment
  • Advice on Cervical  Smear Screening
  • Advice on Breast Screening
  • Advice and prescribing of HRT ( Hormone replacement therapy )
  • Letter to NHS Registered GP with consent for onward prescribing

Miss Pradhan will arrange blood tests as necessary.

The menopause consultation is also fit for women who experience abnormal bleeding whilst using HRT. These women typically need a pelvic scan and biopsy to rule out any abnormal cells hiding inside the womb. Treatment of the menopause can dramatically improve a woman’s well being and therefore help restore personal and social relationships.

Scans and blood tests incur an addition fee if required.

A scan in the menopausal age group is done to diagnose cancers. A scan is also crucial in women bleeding on HRT. The scan will involve a tummy scan and a trans vaginal scan. The endometrium or the lining of the uterus is thickened in conditions like a polyp or cancers.

There are no additional fees for prescribing.

We also supply medications that you can purchase for your convenience if you would rather not wait for your NHS GP to prescribe or opt for a private prescription

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Gynaecologist Consultation £230.00
Gynaecology Scan and Consultation  £350.00