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Uterine Cancers | Gynaecology

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Gynaecology Scan and Consultation  £400.00

This is mainly seen in the menopausal age group and is associated with obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Endometrial or Uterine cancer often presents with bleeding in the menopause and also abnormal bleeding prior to the menopause. Hence, persistent abnormal bleeding at any age must be investigated. Pelvic ultrasound scan and biopsy will diagnose vast number of these cancers. The treatment often involves a Hysterectomy with removal of tubes and ovaries. The Mirena coil is used to treat women with precancerous cells or endometrial hyperplasia.

A scan and consultation with Miss Pradhan or Miss Woodhead, MUMS Consultant Gynaecologists costs £400.00.

MUMS, Consultant Gynaecologists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of uterine cancers.

NHS waiting times can cause anxiety when all that you want and need is peace of mind, rapid access to diagnosis and treatment.

The blood tests associated with this investigation include CA 125 and HE4 ROMA

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