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Early Termination of Pregnancy with MUMS Consultant Gynaecologists

Early Medical Abortion


Early Medical Termination of Pregnancy  £590.00


Early Abortion - Scan, Tests, Consultation and Pills

MUMS Consultant Gynaecologist – Miss Poonam Pradhan offers early medical termination of pregnancy where the pregnancy has not exceeded 9 weeks.

The service involves – 2 separate visits to MUMS and a follow up scan two weeks later.

The first visit – usually on a Monday between 12-7pm involves an appointment with MUMS Nurse Sonographer for:

  • Ultrasound Scan from 6 weeks to confirm viability/location and gestation of pregnancy to confirm the pregnancy is less than 9 weeks.
  • Vaginal Swabs to check for any sexually transmitted disease/infection – instant tests for chlamydia and gonorrhoea.
  • Hb Test – Point of Care/Finger Prick to check the haemoglobin blood levels.

The first visit costs £120.00 and lasts for 45 mins.

The second visit – usually on a Tuesday with Miss Pradhan and this involves:

  • Consultation
  • Consent
  • Prescribing
  • Take home medication.
  • Patient Information to take home.

The second visit costs £470.00 and lasts for 45 mins.

The total cost for early medical termination of pregnancy at MUMS is £590.00

You will only be charged for the first appointment if for any reason – for example, the pregnancy is beyond 9 weeks – the 2nd appointment does not go ahead.

If the initial scan shows that the pregnancy has not developed as expected ( no baby or heartbeat present )– then a referral to the patients local NHS EPAU will be organised and a charge of £75.00 for early pregnancy scan will apply and not the £120.00 first visit cost. The tests for infection will not be performed and the 2nd appointment will be cancelled.

If you are earlier than 6 weeks at your first visit, then you may have to return for scan at a later date, so it is best that you are 6 weeks when you come for your first appointment.

Both the first and second appointment – are payable upon discharge from the clinic.

We offer a Free of Charge follow up scan 14 days after the initial appointment – 20 min pregnancy scan.

This service is available for women wishing to end their pregnancy before 9 weeks (63 days) of pregnancy (at the time of being prescribed Mifepristone) confirmed by ultrasound. MUMS early medical termination of pregnancy service is a safe and legal way to end a pregnancy at an early gestation. The service is available for singleton and twin pregnancies. An ultrasound scan and screening appointment must take place before the consultation and prescribing with the consultant gynaecologists.

MUMS Patient information leaflet about this early medical termination of pregnancy can be found here.

Early Medical Termination of Pregnancy – often referred to as abortions - can only be provided by qualified doctors and clinics such as MUMS who are registered with the Care Quality Comission to provide this regulated activity.

Medical abortions – if you are less than 9 weeks are available at MUMS Solihull with highly experienced consultant gynaecologists – who will prescribe the medication following scan/tests/consultation and consent.

During the consultation, the reasons for you wanting an early termination of pregnancy will be discussed in detail and you will be offered the opportunity to see MUMS counsellor, if you are not entirely sure.

The consultant will check your scan result/Sexually transmitted disease/infection results and Hb ( haemoglobin levels ) before issuing any medication.

You will be asked to sign the medical abortion consent form.

Early medical abortion involves two types of prescribed medication to end the pregnancy early.

The first dose of medication is taken during the consultation ( oral mifepristone ).

The second dose of medication ( Vaginal Misoprostol ) will be given to you to take at home two days later.

You will be given a patient information leaflet and a contact number should you have any concerns at home.

The pregnancy is passed (comes out) through the vagina. This usually happens several hours after patients take the second dose.

Dr Woodhead will advise patients that they should expect - Lower abdominal pain/cramping and vaginal bleeding. Pain can be severe in some cases, requiring the use of strong painkillers (like codeine). Most terminations are complete within 4-7 hours of using misoprostol but for some it takes longer. Light vaginal bleeding or spotting can continue until the next menstrual period even if the abortion is complete.

Occasionally, the pregnancy does not pass, and an operation is needed to remove it. Therefore, we offer a free of charge follow up scan – two weeks after your appointment.

MUMS do not offer surgical termination of pregnancy.

To book an appointment call 0121 704 2669 or make an enquiry or email us

We have ample parking, great patient reviews and a team of professional clinicians and administrators who truly care about those choosing MUMS for their private healthcare. Our staff will organise both the 1st and 2nd appointments for you and co-ordinate your care. We will also cancel your second appointment if at the first visit, there are reasons as to why – the 2nd early termination of pregnancy consultation should not go ahead.