Removal of Anal Warts and Anal Skin Tags – Shave and Excision

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Assessment of Anal Warts and Skin Tags for excision or shave £150
Excision or shave removal of Anal Warts and Skin Tags from 1-4 £250
Excision or shave removal of Anal Warts and Skin Tags from 5-9 £500


Removal of Anal Warts and Anal Skin Tags

MUMS (Midland Ultrasound and Medical Services) offer anal wart and anal skin tag removal. This procedure involves either shaving or excision of the anal wart or anal skin tag from the anal area. Dr Sri performs anal wart and anal skin tag removal in a one stop shop setting where the anal warts/skin tags are assessed and removed at the same appointment.

  • The cost of the consultation and assessment is £150.00
  • The cost of removing 1-4 anal warts or anal skin tags is £250.00
  • The cost of removing 5-9 anal warts or anal skin tags is £500.00
  • Laboratory analysis if the wart/tag/tissue is sent for pathology analysis £220.00

A £50.00 deposit against the consultation and assessment secures the appointment. If the surgery does not go ahead for any reason – then only the balance of £100.00 is payable for the assessment. If the surgery goes ahead then the balance of £100.00 for the assessment and the cost of removing is payable upon discharge from the clinic following the procedure. If laboratory assessment is required – this too will be added to the invoice.

Dr Sri will assess the anal wart/anal skin tags in the first instance using dermatoscope to ascertain whether it is a wart or skin tag.

The anal area is numbed prior to the procedure. Analgesia will be needed for a few days following anal wart or anal skin tag removal.

In some cases – where the anal wart/skin tag appears suspicious – Dr Sri – will recommend that the removed wart/tag is sent to our partner laboratory to be analysed for classification. If tissue/wart/tag is sent to the lab – the cost is £220.00. 

Anal skin tags

Anal skin tags are excess skin tissue around the opening of the anus. Haemorrhoids ( piles ) and anal fissures can cause skin tags. Anal skin tags can be itchy and sore and they can also bleed. It is important that the anal skin tag is analysed under dermatoscope to check for anything sinister beyond an innocent skin tag. If the doctor suspects anything sinister he will recommend sending the tag tissue to the lab for pathology analysis. These skin tags can be shaved off or excised by our dermatological surgeon. The wound will be closed with sutures. Advice will be given around keeping the area clean following the procedure. Funding restrictions within the NHS mean that patients who want anal skin tags removed – can opt for private surgical removal.

Anal skin tags are common and removing them is a simple and quick procedure. You may be self conscious about them and may worry about cleanliness around the area of the tag. At MUMS we remove anal skin tags for cosmetic reasons. They can be unsightly and affect your self confidence. For information on skin tag removal on other parts of the body – click here.

Anal warts  

Anal warts derive from a virus – the Human Papillomavirus – referred to as HPV.  HPV is a common sexually transmitted disease. MUMS offer HPV Vaccination to prevent the virus – recommended before sexual activity commences. We recommend early removal of anal warts so they are easy to remove as they can grow, and they can become sinister.

You may wish to see MUMS Consultant in Sexual Health – Miss Hannah Church – before booking assessment and removal of anal warts to understand more about anal and genital warts, the HPV virus and obtain expert clinical advice.

Removal of anal warts – remove’s the wart – not the virus – so anal warts can recur.

Anal warts can cause anxiety and stress – MUMS offer – no waiting times, no referral needed, assessment and removal on the same day – usually a Friday.

Anal and genital warts are contagious and can be spread to another person during sexual intercourse, anal sex, and skin to skin contact.

Anal warts are also referred to as condyloma acuminata and anogenital warts which grow and spread, can cause pain and discomfort. 

Anal warts can increase is size, become itchy, multiply and cluster and they do increase the risk of rectal cancer.  

MUMS offer a full range of STI tests should you wish to have a full picture of your sexual health.

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Dr Sri is an expert in removing anal warts and skin tags following assessment.