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Test Based Nutritional Supplements and Health Coaching – Zinzino

Test Based Nutritional Supplements and Health Coaching – Zinzino

At MUMS – we offer holistic and comprehensive healthcare.  For optimum health and well-being, in addition to our GPs, Specialist Consultantsphysioacupuncturemassage and hypnotherapy – we offer The ZinzinoBalance Test plus a corrective program of restorative supplements and personal health coaching.

The well-being of MUMS patients is important to us, and so we have recently introduced Zinzino to our offering for immune system optimisation. Essential Omega 3 balance testing, balance oil, gut powders and multivitamins are available over the counter at MUMS – and online. Zinzino testing can be done in the comfort of your own home. It is a simple finger prick test that you can send off to the VITAS laboratory (World leader of dry blood spot analysis) for analysis and receive a report to show you how your nutrition is affecting you internally.

The Balance Oil is high in Omega 3, olive polyphenols and Vitamin D3 to enable your balance of Omega 6:3 to be optimized which reduces inflammation caused by diet to promote better organ function, brain function and enhanced immunity levels. The balance test and oil costs £150 to purchase at MUMS or you can order/subscribe online for greater savings

Xtend+ is an immunity support multivitamin, recommended dosage equivalent to the same micronutrients as 9kg fruit & veg. Xtend can be taken with the balance oil for improved overall health. Xtend can be purchased at MUMS – Cost £55 or you can order/subscribe online.

Zinobiotic is a prebiotic gut powder blend of natural dietary fibres to encourage friendly bacteria growth which promotes metabolism, minimises bloating and balances cholesterol levels. Zinobiotic+ can be purchased at MUMS – Cost £40 or you can order/subscribe online.

Emma, MUMS Zinzino Representative/health coach

MUMS Zinzino representative/health coach is Emma – a mum to 3 children and a highly qualified adult and child mental health counsellor.

Emma will explain the benefits of all the products within the health protocol, how to test and what your test results mean. The journey with Zinzino will balance, restore, and support you. Remote consultations are free.

You can make an enquiry on our website or visit our state of the art clinic in Solihull. We have ample parking and great reviews. For more information via email –