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Specialist Mole Appointments

Moles are small, coloured spots on the skin. Most people have them and they're usually nothing to worry about unless they change size, shape or colour.

Most moles are harmless.

Most harmless moles are round or oval-shaped, with a smooth edge

Moles can be flat or raised and may feel smooth or rough

Sometimes moles have hair growing from them

Moles are usually darker on brown and black skin

Signs of melanoma include:

  • A mole that's changed colour or has more than 2 colours
  • A mole with uneven borders
  • A mole that's bleeding, itching, crusting or raised

It's important to get a new or existing mole checked out if it:

  • changes shape or looks uneven
  • changes colour, gets darker or has more than 2 colours
  • starts itching, crusting, flaking or bleeding
  • gets larger or more raised from the skin


These changes can happen over weeks or months.

MUMS Dermatologist assesses and removes moles in a one stop shop setting. Mr Camillo will send the removed mole to our partner laboratory for analysis if he feels it is suspicious. The cost of laboratory analysis is £115.00

  • Mole Assessment and Mole Removal £300.00
  • Wart/Skin Tag/Milia Removal with cryo £180.00
  • Wart/Skin Tag/Milia Removal – excision - £250.00

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Mole Assessment and Removal £300
Wart/Skin Tag/Milia Removal with Cryo £180
Wart/Skin Tag/Milia Removal with Excision £250