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Mole Assessment £175
Mole Removal £195

Specialist Mole Appointments

One Stop Shop

MUMS Private GPs have specialist extended roles in dermatology and minor surgery. We have 4 male and female GPs offering mole assessment and mole removal Monday to Friday in a one stop shop setting at our state-of-the-art CQC registered diagnostic and treatment centre.

There are no waiting times and you do not need a referral from your GP. The mole assessment and mole removal takes approximately 45 mins in duration. Mole assessment and mole removal is common practice in private clinics as it is difficult to obtain this service in the NHS. MUMS one stop mole assessment and mole removal clinic is swift, affordable and our clinicians are highly experienced.

This service is available whether your request is for cosmetic reasons, or you are concerned about the characteristics of your mole/moles.


  • Mole Assessment £175.00
  • Mole Removal £195.00
  • Additional Mole removals cost £195.00
  • Pathology analysis for moles sent to the laboratory £220.00

One assessment at £175.00 is sufficient to examine up to 3 moles.

If the mole appears suspicious when the specialist assesses it with his/her dermoscope – you will be asked to agree to the mole being sent to our laboratory for path analysis. This costs £220.00. If you do not wish for pathology analysis the specialist may not remove the mole and instead – write to your NHS Practitioner to refer you to an NHS Dermatologist. It is imperative that we discover the mole is benign and not malignant.

The specialist will analyse the mole using dermoscope – a special dermatological magnifier to enable the consultant to look at the appearance and margins of the mole.

On the skin, moles are small, coloured patches. Most people have them, and unless they alter in size, form, or colour, they normally pose little threat:

  • Most moles are not cancerous.
  • Most benign moles have a smooth edge and a round or oval form.
  • Moles might feel rough or smooth, flat, or elevated.
  • Typically, moles on brown and black skin are darker.

A mole that has changed colour or has more than two colours is suspicious of melanoma.

Characteristics of suspicious moles:

  • An irregularly shaped mole
  • A raised, itchy, bleeding, or crusting mole

If any of the symptoms are observed, it's crucial to have a new or existing mole examined. For instance, if it morphs, changes colour, itches, or bleeds. These adjustments may take weeks or months to take place.

Our mole assessment/mole removal clinic is on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

We have ample parking and there is always a chaperone in the minor surgery room to assist the specialist when you are having a mole removed.

Our reviews are great. We are proud of our service and have been providing private healthcare in the west midlands for two decades – using highly skilled specialists.

You can book online or simply call our friendly team of experts on 0121 704 2669.