Cryotherapy treatment for warts, skin tags, verruca or milia

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Cryotherapy assessment of wart, skin tag, verrucae and milia  £150

Cryotherapy treatment for the removal of warts, skin tags, verrucae and milia at MUMS Solihull

MUMS Private GPs have specialist extended dermatology roles – and provide cryotherapy at MUMS to include:

  • Wart Removal using cryotherapy
  • Skin Tag Removal using cryotherapy
  • Verrucae Removal using cryotherapy
  • Milia Removal using cryotherapy

For removal of any of the above by cutting or excision or shaving click here.

Although they will usually disappear over a period of months or years, some people simply want warts, sking tags, verucca or milia removed because of their unsightly appearance.

Our experts will assess the wart, skin tag, verucca or milia using a special dermoscope and discuss cryotherapy. If you opt for cryotherapy – our experts will proceed to use our special CryoPen to remove the wart, skin tag, verucca or milia. This is also used in the genital area and for plantar warts on the feet.

You may have tried over the counter pharmacy treatments which have not worked and want a better option.

These wart, skin tag, verucca or milia  do not cause harm but some people find them embarrassing and verrucae can be painful when standing or walking. If your over-the-counter attempts have failed or your skin tags or warts have returned, you may want a quick and painless removal at MUMS. Warts and verrucae are a form of virus and can spread and they can take months to appear.

For larger lesions we may need to repeat the cryotherapy. 

Scarring from cryotherapy is minimal and sometimes a small blister will develop but will disappear soon. Risks from cryotherapy are swelling, pain, infection, skin discolouration.

We offer this service on Mondays, Tuesdays Thursdays, and Fridays. You do not need a referral from your GP.

You can book online or call us on 0121 704 2669. There are no waiting times, and our experts have great testimonials that you can review before booking. See Doctify

Assessment and treatment costs.

Assessment Fee £150.00

  • £150.00 for cryotherapy up to 3 warts/tags/verrucae/milia
  • £200.00 for cryotherapy up to 6 warts/tags/verrucae/milia
  • £300.00 for cryotherapy up to 9 warts/tags/verrucae/milia

If our experts feel the wart or skin tag is not appropriate for cryotherapy – alternative options will be offered to you such as cutting, excision and shaving and those costs will be explained to you.

If MUMS clinicians feel the wart/tag looks suspicious, then they will want to obtain your consent to send the tissue to the laboratory for pathology analysis.

Any tissue pathology sent to the laboratory for analysis costs £220.00. Results from tissue pathology take 5-7 days.