Removal of warts, skin tags, Verrucae and Milia

See a consultant dermatologist about wart, skin tag, Verrucae and Milia removal

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Specialist Warts, Skin tags, Verrucae and Milia Assessment and Removal

MUMS Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Camilo Diaz offers wart/skin tag/milia/verruca removal. You may choose to have cryotherapy or excision/shave to have these removed.

Although they will usually disappear over a period of months or years, some people simply want skin tags/warts them removed because of their unsightly appearance.

This service is for people aged 16 and over. The Dermatologist will assess the wart/tag/milia using his special dermo scope and discuss cryotherapy or surgical removal. If you opt for cryotherapy – the dermatologist will proceed to use our special CryoPen to remove the wart/tag/verruca or milia. This is also used in the genital area and for plantar warts on the feet.

You may have tried over the counter pharmacy treatments which have not worked and want a better option.

These warts/tags/verrucae and milia do not cause harm but some people find them embarrassing and verrucae can be painful when standing or walking. If your over-the-counter attempts have failed or your tags/warts have returned, you may want a quick and painless removal at MUMS. Warts and verrucae are a form of virus and can spread and they can take months to appear.

You may wish to have your wart/tag/milia/verruca shaved off or excised as opposed to cryotherapy. For larger lesions we may need to repeat the cryotherapy. If you choose to have excision, we may still be able to excise it during the same appointment.

Scarring from cryotherapy is minimal and sometimes a small blister will develop but will disappear soon. Risks from cryotherapy are swelling, pain, infection, skin discolouration.

We offer this service on Thursdays. You do not need a referral. You can book online or call us on 0121 704 2669. There are no waiting times and Mr Camilo has great testimonials that you can review before booking.


Assessment with the Consultant Dermatologist is FREE OF CHARGE

  • £180.00 for up to 3
  • £250 for up to 6
  • £350 for up to 9


  • £250.00 for up to 3
  • £350.00 for up to 6
  • £400.00 for up to 9

We have ample parking. The appointment will last for about 20 mins. There is no preparation.


Assessment Consultant Dermatologist is Free of Charge

Cryotherapy removal of wart/tag/verruca/milia up to 3  £180
Cryotherapy removal of wart/tag/verruca/milia from 3 to 6 £250
Cryotherapy removal of wart/tag/verruca/milia from 6 to 9 £350
Excision removal of wart/tag/verruca/milia up to 3  £250
Excision removal of wart/tag/verruca/milia from 3 to 6 £350
Excision removal of wart/tag/verruca/milia from 6 to 9 £400