Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain

This can affect up to 1 in 5 pregnant women and although more common through the latter stages it can occur at any stage.  Pelvic Girdle pain can lead to quite ‘nasty’ pain in your back, hips, public area and lower limbs.  It can also affect your mobility or walking and disturb your sleep.  Many women are told it’s due to ‘lax ligaments’ but the current thinking is that it’s more of a problem with some of the joints in your pelvis which may be the pubic symphysis (at the front) Sacro-lilac (back) and or the joints in your low back.  This is good news as joint and muscle problems can be treated. Yes, you can have treatment even though you’re pregnant and we see a lot of ladies in the clinic and we get really great results with them which allows them to enjoy their pregnancy even more.  We also see many ladies who have similar problems postnatally and we help them get back to being able to enjoy their new baby even more.

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