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This test is to identify women who are at high risk of ovarian cancer.

ROMA is a qualitative serum test that derives a numerical score from the results of CA-125 (the most widely accepted marker for ovarian cancer) and HE4 blood tests, plus menopausal status.

HE4 / CA 125 / ROMA is a Calculated Algorithm for pre and post menopausal risk of malignant disease.

This test can be performed within either a GP Consultation which costs £95.00 or a Gynaecology Consultation which costs £230.00

This is a blood test with speedy turnaround times and a follow up call to explain the results.

This combined test is more expensive than CA 125 on its own as it significantly raises the sensitivity when detecting ovarian cancers.

By using both the CA125 and HE4 results, ROMA (A risk of ovarian malignancy algorithm) is calculated to show whether you are at high or low risk.

This test costs £160.00  in addition to the consultation with the Gynaecologist or GP.


HE4 ROMA Test £160.00*

* Performed within a GP consultation (£95) or Gynaecologist consultation (£230)