CA 125 – Ovarian Cancer Blood Test

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CA 125 Test £130.00


MUMS offer CA 125 Testing

The CA 125 ovarian cancer screening test costs £130.00.

MUMS offer CA 125 but also HE4 + ROMA which includes CA 125 testing to identify women who are a high risk of ovarian cancer.

Results take just 24 hours.

We recommend you have this test within a consultation with MUMS Consultant Gynaecologists – Miss Poonam Pradhan or Miss Natalie Woodhead. 

Gynaecological Consultations cost £230.00. An ultrasound scan combined with a consultation costs £370.00.

You may also choose to opt for a simple blood test appointment with our HCAs which costs £30.00 or with one of MUMS Private GPs which costs £100.00.

If you choose an HCA appointment in which to be tested for HE4 + ROMA, we will simply share the results with you via email.

If you choose to have a consultation with MUMS GP or Gynaecologist, you will receive a follow up call to have the results explained to you.

This test is not an ovarian cancer screen on its own and must not be seen as one. If you are worried about ovarian cancer, you should book a scan and consultation with MUMS Consultant Gynaecologists and discuss this test and other ovarian cancer testing.

CA 125 looks at the amount of CA 125 protein in your blood. 125 is a Cancer Antigen. CA 125 is widely used to look for early signs of ovarian cancer in women who are at high risk.

CA 125 on its own is not an ovarian cancer diagnostic test. Other conditions can increase CA 125 levels. For example, fibroids can mean the CA 125 is raised as can menstruation.

If you have symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, difficulty eating or feeling full very quickly or even needing to urinate more quickly and you have a family history of ovarian cancer – you should seek early reassurance and get tested for ovarian cancer. 

Miss Pradhan and Miss Woodhead, Consultant Gynaecologists at MUMS – are experts at diagnosing ovarian cancer.

At MUMS – we pride ourselves on holistic healthcare giving – led by consultants and specialists. We screen for ovarian cancer regardless of whether you are at high risk – via scans, consultations, tests, and diagnostics. If you have a strong history of ovarian cancer, you ought to be screened. You may wish to have the ovarian cancer inherited gene test.

You can book this CA125 online or call us on 0121 704 2669. You can also email us at